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Re: The New Balance of Power in One Piece

Nice to see this thread is being brought back first off, remember quite enjoying reading some posts put up.

First up on the whole Blackbeard discussion. Now I agree that his power isnt able to be fully put down on a power scale after the timeskip as he has now had some time to experiment / train in using Whitebeard DF so that is still needed to be seen. I feel that it would be best to bring up the Aftermath of the Marineford War, when he was at a stalemate with Shanks he did note that he wasnt to take on Shanks just yet. I know obviously he had no chance there after the beating he got from Whitebeard, but power wise it makes me think that Shanks was safely the second strongest maybe tie at the top of the Yonkou. But I would also like to bring up a good theory that has went around about BB searching only the best DF from the three catergories, Zoan, Logia and Paracemia. If this is indeed true then his power ranking will probably good shooting up even more after he has found the other DF (( thats if its true, but i think its a strong yes )). And back to the other point about 'recruitment' I think theres a good chance he will have some more division like Whitebeard had from various other New World pirates, probably controlling them through the fear of his power.

Now I know some folk might disagree with me about me saying Shanks might be possibley as strong as Whitebeard, but do take into account that Shanks did block one of the other Yonkou's before even coming to the war, Kaidou. We do know that this is supposedly one of the more ruthless of the four as well and that Shanks was able to stop him fast and from the looks of it unscratched (( I do know there is no proof that they even fought, could have settled it peacefully but need to wait and see )).


I still stand by what i said previously in this thread about one of the Supernovas likely to have joined there ranks. I mentioned it might be Basil Hawkins the voodoo fortune teller but I dont think thats the case now. The two pirates that Im thinking now is the Mafia like Pirate. (( Al capone or something sorry cant remember his name )) and the Pirate whos from a sky island, able to enhance his muscle mass. I have voted the Mafia like Pirate becuase I see some similar things with between him and Donquixote Doflamingo. Both major crime lords being one of them. And the sky island guy, I dont know he doesnt seem like an intelligent guy to plan things out, so I could imagine Akainu taking advantage of that like he did to Squall in the War. The Shichibukai are supposed to be all powerful Pirates and the supernovas would be ideal for that. Also Buggy, still think hes going to be one for comic relief but also alot of folk know him now, he was apart of Gold D Roger and he was at the War. That will definately raise his reputation in the World too.

I would like to make note to keep an eye on Donquixote Doflamingo, after the War he was sent by another party to deal with Moria, supposedly the Higher ups in the World Government cant remember there name but I think its that small group of old men we all seen. Also the fact I think he will be planning something big in the near future as he hinted to Crocodile.

Crocodile and Moria are two people to look out for too I cant imagine them donig anything big but in the past one almost got an entire country for himself, and the other and army of Zombies. So still watch out.
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