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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by almightywood View Post
Not really, you all were trying to tell me my opinion was invalid through stating your own.
You all brought your opinions up in contention to mine, not the reverse.
In other words, it was you who were enforcing your opinions on me.

No, my point all along, was that you all state your opinions like they are facts. Whereas I state mine as though it's an opinion. You can't disprove an opinion with an opinion, only with a fact. That is why you can not prove an opinion wrong without proving it impossible. When you talk about right and wrong (in the logical sense), you are talking about something that basically exists completely outside the realm of anything I was ever even discussing.

The only problem here is the fact that you all refuse to approach a non-debate discussion with a non-debate oriented approach. Debates are for meatheads who don't like to mull on things. It's a way for people to feel important about themselves and smart. After all the whole point of a debate isn't the truth at all, it's just winning. I like to think about and consider all possibilities and what they entail since you can not come up with new and interesting concepts without stepping outside the standard thought process.

Being ethically right and wrong is something I care about, I find the other right and wrong to be the most insignificant concept on the face of the planet. Since it is only an illusion anyway. Once you determine that someone is "right" with a debate, then you file it away under "resolved" even though no conclusion was ever actually reached, as there is still more to know about the subject, whatever it is.

A debate is just the common man's way to "figure something out" so they no longer have to think about it. It's the lowest form of intellectual discussion, and if you insist on doing it then do it with someone who actually wants to. A discussion that is not a debate is the only good way to pass along information since you don't have to fight people to get your message across. At that point it is up to them whether or not they choose to accept what you have to say.

My whole little philosophy wasn't created so that I could never be wrong. It has nothing to do with me always being right. Right and wrong (at least in the way that you guys are using it) doesn't even exist for me because of my philosophy. Or at least that's the point of it anyway. I adopted it to stop myself from attacking other people and calling them wrong, as I personally think that is the worst thing you can do to anyone. No and wrong are the worst words in the english language, as what they most often do is cause people to stop trying to live an individual lifestyle, rather than inspire them to overcome adversity, as you all have kidded yourselves into believing you are doing. Creativity and diversity are the only things that will insure the survival of our race through all the crap that the universe will eventually throw at us, and you guys' philosophy is all about stamping those things out.

You all can call me a hypocrite for posting again, Idgias. I try very hard to maintain a positive and neutral demeanor because I am a very big grudge holding motherfucker. If I don't completely ignore what you all relish more than life itself I end up pissed off 24/7 which is no way to live. But either way I do what I have to do to end it in a way that's acceptable to me, and the way it was before was not satisfactory.
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