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Re: Megaupload Shut down by FBI

I didn't mention Occupy because I agree with the movement, I personally think it's stupid and is causing more harm than good. I only mentioned it to point out recent cases of police brutality in the states.

Police brutality is just a small, small piece of the broken and corrupt puzzle that is America. I would never compare police brutality to thousands of people dieing, that would be like comparing lil wayne to John Lennon. Americas hands aren't clean either.

All the legislation I mentioned should have never passed, Americans as a People are literally handing over all of our power, to an already overpowered government. We seriously have a country full of retarded fucks electing older, slightly more retarded fucks. People just act like it's ok too. The majority of Americans are ignorantly bliss, and are more concerned with what's happening on there favorite show on television, then they are the well being of there own country, which pretty much affects the world.

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