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Re: Fairy Tail 267

Originally Posted by uzumakinagato View Post
Raven tail looks beast, that was the good thing in this chapter.

So much for wendy being kidnapped or w/e, was nothing special, typical Hiro to make nothing of that, still i was hoping for something.

Did wendy say training ? WHEN THE FUCK DID THEY TRAIN ???

And we get another "I won't forgive you" from natsu, i lost count...

And spiegel don't jinx Ewan, in 2011 we learned that saying something is promising in FT might turn out to be euh not-promising
Well first off the chapter was very good quite enjoyed it, was glad to finally see the Cerebrus guild been wanting to see them for awhile now. But Raven Tail did look pretty bad ass I actually thought Ewan was the guy in the front with all armour on.

And sadly I did think the person behind the whole dark aura might have kidnapped Wendy but to be honest Im not bothered im quite glad she has been replaced with the new Hulk Elfman he reminds me of the new Franky.

When she said training she obviously meant the thing they all undertook under Ultear.

Whats wrong with the 'I wont forgive you' from Natsu, I love the art when those are showing.

And I still dont think Ewan is going to be the head evil for this arc anyways.

Marvis was actually funny being there I liked it

And finally thumbs up for bring the pancake dude back was awesome when he gave the thumbs up
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