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Re: Berserk

Here's also a summary of an interview i found:

He was asked about them (them= the god hand), and he said their story would be shown soon enough. But he added that for him, "soon" can often mean a year. Apart from that, he's currently working on the manga's manuscript, and he said he draws around a page per day.

He commented on how he's interested in stoic characters, for example someone like Casca. He seems to have put everything he likes in her.

He also said he saw the movie of course, he thanked the director very much and said he was impressed (by the first battle scene, the shields and swords, Zodd's appearance among other things). He also jokingly added that since the manga is long running, he's making efforts to live long enough to finish it. At first he expected it to end during his 20s, then his 30s, and now he's even prepared for it to last until his 60s if necessary.
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