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Re: Technical Guide to Form Arguments Logically

KYF i honestly cannot fathom why you continue to post here. This forum is full of idiots that take this cartoon FAR FAR too seriously and they have their little clicky online circle jerk club.

They dont like you, end of story. Just bring your entertaining and thought provoking theories to a site where the posters aren't a bunch of self-important dorks.

Who the hell takes the time to write a structure study of a comic book just to post in a forum with about 10 consistent contributors, seriously? I would be embarassed to admit that any amount of time went into that. What did you tell your girlfriend/wife you were doing while you were piecing this together? Ahhh, my assumption that you had any source of pussy in your life was an "ILLOGICAL FALLACY" as you surely do not.

KYF you obviously enjoy the manga, as do i, and like to fill the gap between episodes with entertaining banter. The problem is that the people on here dont like to banter with you.

In closing, get a life you fucking losers!!! You cant get a phd in Naruto, apply your limited intellect to something useful and move out of your mommy's basement.
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