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Re: Megaupload Shut down by FBI

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
The only way one could consider that quote a statement meaning that everyone involved in the Occupy movement wants to fuck with the liberties of the 1% is by looking at things through a very biased lens while doing some pretty impressive mental gymnastics. By that same logic of "able to run their businesses and utilize their funds not as as they wanted, but as the government permitted" you could say anyone wanting any regulations for businesses and any taxes on them are people that wish to "fuck with liberties."

The only way to not fuck with liberties would be zero regulations and taxes. Which would be horrible and only horrible people would support such a thing. It makes no sense to single out the Occupy movement on that when it actually applies to any half-way intelligent rational person. I assumed when you said that you didn't mean it to come out as some sort of compliment, even though as you're explaining it now it certainly doesn't seem like a bad thing at all. Kinda confusing.

Edit: Oh wait. I see now where you might have been trying to go with the tea party paragraph response to my "explain." What I don't see is how that response fits the original statement of yours that I quoted...unless you were trying to do a satire mocking of the tea-party sort of poe thinger or some shit there and didn't mean it. If not, then the only way it makes sense is that you are saying you agree with the tea parties stance. Which I refuse to believe, so I'm going to pretend you were doing some hardcore subtle satire there in the "Occupy fuck with freedom" statement.
Yeah, that's pretty much it. I in no way meant to support the idea of an unregulated system, I was just pointing out that some people (Tea Party-ers) could consider the demands of the Occupy movement to infringe on their distorted idea of freedom. I personally consider a regulated system to offer more freedom than an unregulated one; the role of government should be to ensure freedom for all, not just those who can afford it.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I dunno. I guess it wouldn't surprise me that there are horrible people like that. But I personally can't say I've ever seen anyone trivializing thousands of deaths while acting like police brutality is something way worse. Usually the people that don't see a problem with mass murder don't give too much of a fuck about police brutality against non-violent protesters. Or the suffering of people in general most of the time. I'm talking about republicans, of course.
It's not as overt as that, and I guess people normally put more weight on events closer to home so it could even be unintentional.
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