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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

This thread is rather sad now. It goes something like this:

One side: I can believe how I want. A=B
Other side: That isn't how it is.
One side: Prove it.
Other side: EVIDENCE
One side: That means nothing. It could be this. Prove that it is not.
Other side: What are you talking about? I provided info that a lot of smart people agree on and you come up with nothing to the contrary other than an idea that has no evidence behind it? What an idiot!
One side: I can believe whatever I want and you are rude to tell me otherwise.


Oh, but one good thing came out of it. Went to do a bit of research, because I'm not afraid of new information that might shake the foundation of my belief systems and knowledge, and found that because of the moon, not only is the oribit slowing but the turning of the Earth too and given enough time, it is believed that a day will eventually equal a month. Pretty cool, yet disastrous for any way of life we currently know. Might make a cool sci fi book.

All that said, BILLIONS of years in the future. Not like I expect to be around.
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