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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
That has nothing to do with God being able to communicate with someone in such a way that allows that person to write shit down that would make logical sense to people a couple thousand years later.
I'm just gonna say it because it needs to be said.. The Bible has SOME historical facts .. people, places and events but it also tells humanity about itself.. all the same shit that went on back then still goes on today, wars famine , money problems sickness ect. People read these STORIES and find comfort to be able to relate and see themselves in the scripture they read. One can read passages of flawed characters, things that happen to others unjustifiably and is a coping mechanism .. it gives people hope during struggles.. I'm sure you secularists have the same problems as everyone else, and I'm sure you have some manly explanation as to what pulls you through.. but honestly .. what gives you hope to go on.. what do you lean on in a time of struggle???..and that's not rhetorical either I'd seriously like to know.
So you're suggesting that God decided to cater to those ancient sand barbarians and wasn't able to anticipate people in our time reading the same shit and seeing that it obviously contradicts what actually happened? [QUOTE]No what he anticipated is that his children who populated his creation have grown and learned the lessons put forth in the Bible nd learn not to make the same pitfalls as these earlier people .. because as sure as shit stinks.. history repeats itself... and if we're so much better civilized, educated, sophisticated .. then why are we as a species still doing the same old shit!
Again, that seems pretty uncharacteristic of a being that was able to create the goddamn universe. Oh, and you're definitely not in any position to call golden cow worshipers or anyone who 'makes gods to worship' retarded. Like your beliefs are any better.
I was trying to speak in terms you'd be able to relate to.. you knew what i meant and yet chose to go else where .. this is the same "tactic" God takes
Originally Posted by manta View Post
lol these guys just went way over their heads. Look HR & almightywood, IMO you would get better entertaining theories by eating magic mushrooms while watching The Universe.

Do it.
Been there done that.. on an 8th of blue caps had an out of body experience that can only best be described as my consciousness expanded and I heard the universe sing

true story!
Nope, it's been slowing down for hundreds of millions, if not billions of years. Evidence given by rhythmites (layers of sandstone that have a set pattern to them) show that a day was 21.9 hours ~620 million years ago. Using this data, a computer simulation estimated that the day cycle with the Earth was ~100 million years old was about 6 hours.[QUOTE]
This here .. If the earth had a different span of what a day was .. just liek other planets have different time spans for days and years according to their revolution and orbit.. why is it hard to digest that time spans for the planet earth might differ from how God views time.. people have mockingly suggested that God is all powerful magic man.. maybe he's a spatial anomaly?

[QUOTE=ask me anything;2101589]I can't believe I overlooked this. First of all thanks for the links. Much appreciated.
No prob
But you should seriously read a bit closer. Nothing I read says that the Nation of Islam believes in multiple gods.
The first link was farrakanfactor and in the first paragraph it mentions Fard Muhhamed both icons of TNOI
In fact if you read the article in those links it specifically says that 23 of those "scientists" go down to earth, mingle with the popupation to gather info, and then go report to the head boss, who in turn decides how shit is going to happen. So really it's just 1 god and 23 subordinates, and not 24 gods. those 23 guys are really no different from the angels that you find in other religions, that get sent on missions like the little errand boys they are.
Well when I was first introduced to this information; which is why I knew modern peopel believed in more than one god, the infromation was in a book. The book went on to explain that that these 24 scientists take turns in shifts of 25,000 and at the end of each age a battle of knowledge and a physical battle afterwards determines the best knower for the next great year. In the book of genesis the book says it mentions the prvious holder of the title Allah as Anuk.. and now to paraphrase th e bible - God told the isralelites to take the land of Caanan and they replied"who are we that we shoudl go against the sons of Anuk... for they are a mighty peopel" and the Lord replied "Am I not with you" and the isrealites were victorious

THe current Alllah is Yahweh who resides over the age of Pices; nifty side note notice the symbol of the Jesus fish on the back of cars. When the disciples asked jesus how long he would be with them he replied "Until the end of the age" meaning after the millinal rule mentioned in Revelations this great year will be over and a new Allah will be in power
Also this just proves that God (or at least their version of him) is a massive douche. I mean really. According to them, the Boss scientist makes the others go down to earth, live with a bunch backwater people and assimilate their cultures.
They don't assimilate their culture they live among the people and attune to the mind of men and then by doing so can see what mankind will do and then upon returning Allah decides what he will and wont allow to come to pass
Then once they get back to their base, the head boss listens to what the others have to say, disregards most of it, and then says "here's what's going to happen". LOL, and then it's their job afterwards to make sure certain events happen to make sure his shitty prophesy comes to be. Oh, and all 24 of these guys are black.
the sum of all colors is black.. it's scientific fact that Black/Africans have more genetic material than other races as well as extra muscles
So apparently all the bad shit that happens to blacks over the course of history is the fault of other black guys.
No peopel are still responsible for their actions.. just because a parent allows a child to have leway doesn't mean that they wont hold them accountable for their actions (ex. mom lets daughter use car.. dauhter comes back late.. she gets grounded.. .. the daughter got grounded due to her actions not because the mom allowed the circumstances that lead to the grounding .. it's all a matter of choice)
So slavery, racism, genocide, AIDS, Africa being such a shit hole, is all the fault of these 24 black dudes in heaven. All white guys everywhere can rejoice. None of that shit was our fault. Apparently the devil God made us do it. WOW, just wow.

At highlighted funny you should say that since most of the bad shit that happened throughout history was justified by using the name of God.. the Crusades , the Holocaust, Slavery was justified due to the passage in the old testament where ham was "cursed " and had to serve his brothers.. he had dark skin.
for those of you who don't understand.. I'm coming from an illogical perspective so your logic won't fit my argument .. it'll only give you a headache.. remember ..belief doesn't require a co-signer There Is A Fine Line Between Genius And Insanity , I Have Erased This Line ! If I were you I'd hate me too.. I am the HUMAN RASENGAN!!!

The power of despair is great in you.


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