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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by manta View Post
It is scientifically proven that the less you know the more you think you know. As we can see AW and HR are proven subjects of this research.
I guess so.

Everybody BUT me in this thread claims to know everything about everything.

I never claimed to be claiming anything, In fact I claimed to not be claiming anything more than once.
I merely called everyone else morons for speaking with authority on the things they do.

By your statement, you all must know less than me.
(you really should pay attention to what someone's views are if you are going to attempt to make light of them)

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
I mean, seriously, how did you pass high school math?

If you are actually addressing me, I excelled at math (and I mean I was leaps and bounds above the majority of kids) and still do. When I was in college I took extra math classes so I'd have some easy courses that I could breeze through.
Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Shit. C'mon, can we stop this? AW literally said possibilities are things with no proof or an unknown (don't bother defining the word "possible") and that probabilities can't act as proof because they are 100% truth.

The guy doesn't believe anything is true by those very standards, except his own truth I suppose, which I think he's claming are possibilities and thus not subject to proof because he doesn't think possibilities have evidence, and anything we bring up can't be true because few things have 100% proof for them.

Can you get any more ambiguous, vague, pseudo-intellectual bullshit in there? I suppose you don't believe in matter because subatomic particles are all measure in probabilities, huh?
What I'm saying is that I think it is purely egotistical to try to disprove a possibility with a probability, such a thing isn't possible. If you were to operate under the premises that probability tells you were to occur, then there's nothing wrong with that. When you try and say that it absolutely is this way because everything seems to point that way, then I call BS. If you want to say it absolutely is this way, prove it absolutely couldn't be any other way.

Proving something wrong is harder to do than just about anything else, hence why if you tell someone that they are wrong, you better be prepared to prove it. The burden of proof then falling on the person who created the conflict, and the person who claimed to have knowledge: ie. the person who said the other was wrong.

Otherwise you are just a bunch of morons claiming to know more than you do.

After all something that is possible is quite simply something that COULD BE.
If it is (dis)proven, there is no could about it, it is(n't).

I have always maintained that the only thing that any man can ever know with certainty is that he will be with himself his whole life.

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