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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I didn't see you address anything regarding the blatantly false claim of yours stating that everyone here, except you, claimed to know everything about everything.

That is a very specific claim that is completely 100% wrong. No one claimed that. Everyone except you in here definitely didn't claim that. That claim of yours is completely 100% wrong. Yet you still won't admit it. You're proving that you're just like multiple people have already said: That you are the most close-minded person in this thread; you refuse to even entertain the possibly that you could be wrong.

Everyone you're calling morons in here would definitely admit they were wrong if the claimed something like that. We wouldn't bullshit some lame excuse like you did in your response to ACt, or avoid the issue like you did in your response to me, or say 'whatever' and then insult the person with more baseless claims like you did with kael. The very least you could do is admit that statement was false. If you had any integrity you'd apologize for calling us morons based on that blatantly false statement too. But Odin knows that asking you to act with any kind of integrity in here is asking far too much.
You need to learn to read a little better, I absolutely did address the statement that you posted. Not with some lame bs excuse, but an admission that it was an exaggeration/overgeneralization and quantification of what I meant by it.

If Kael ever actually came close to producing anything that he should have been able to by his claims then he wouldn't be ridiculed by me. As it stands the guy just can't even figure out where to begin in the discussion because it is so far outside of his venue (the rest of you almost begin to come close to working your way into the start of it, but not him).

I am not the one that claimed you all were morons. I pointed out that by the man I was quoting's statement, he was claiming you all were when compared to me, though he thought he was claiming the opposite.

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