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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
The statement was false. You refuse to admit it. You refuse to acknowledge you are wrong. That's the point I'm making. You've demonstrated again and again that you won't admit to being wrong about anything. You refuse to even entertain the possibility that you could be wrong and that we could actually be the ones being rational and logical here.
The statement wasn't in any way false. Your whole little argument here proves it. You are claiming my statement is false and ignoring my clarifications of the message I was conveying. The very fact that you are claiming I am wrong about what I was saying means that you are saying you know my words better than myself..... And you accuse me of being unable to admit that I am wrong.

You said you were not the one who claimed we were all morons. I produced a quote where you said you called us all morons. Nothing else matters in regards to you being the one calling us morons. That's what I was talking about. You busting out this red herring shit doesn't address that at all, and is yet another example of you failing to even entertain the possibility that you could be wrong even when presented with undeniable evidence demonstrating you are indeed wrong.
You start off talking about one post and switch to another mid paragraph and act like I am the one who is being misleading and dishonest here.

You know what, okay, I'll 'step into your realm':

Boom. I'm right about everything and cannot be wrong, ever. If you challenge my stance in any way then you're attacking my beliefs and are therefore auto-wrong, and a disrespectful douchebag. Which makes you a sub-human monster that I can threaten to kill and it's totally cool. Now either agree with me or you're a goddamn moron who thinks he knows everything about everything. Your move.
Well I suppose if you really did decide to venture in my realm, then that means you apologized to me for improperly calling me wrong repeatedly, and admitted your unwarranted disrespectfulness that caused you to falsely claim I was wrong. So, apology accepted, thank you very much.
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