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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
I don't assume I know anything better than anyone, I know I do. I'm certainly not claiming to know more than everyone else on Earth, but there are many people with whom my frequent interaction has shown that I am more knowledgeable. I am not claiming that everyone must look at things the same way, innovation obviously results from thinking outside the box; however not all ideas are equally legitimate. We do not twists facts, we follow the stringent guidelines to logical thought.

All ideas deserve consideration, and in this consideration they are to be tested either experimentally or logically. If an idea fails any such test, it should be disregarded. If an idea is offensive to current knowledge and passes such tests, current knowledge should be tested in the context of this new idea.

You expect us to consider your ideas, but you assume that because we don't agree with you that we are lying when we tell you that we have. Trust us, we have considered your ideas and they have failed basic logical tests; that is why we do not agree with you. All of this, and still you refuse to consider our ideas, making you by far the most closed minded and ignorant person I have ever met.
This would be true if I ever actually had been debating any of this with you, but since you don't know half of my philosophy (since I won't tell it to you), and I stated from the getgo that it wasn't up for debate, That makes you all assumptive and rude, not me close-minded. I have stated more than once that I believe the consideration of the validity of possibilities a private thing. You all were off-topic.

I'm sorry, that clearly separate paragraph had nothing to do with probability. Seems like you might have some reading comprehension to work on, because you surely cannot address my statement with this random nonsense you posted.
My point was that it didn't include probability: when my problem with your elimination of possibilities was that you use probability to do it. Maybe YOU should work on your reading comprehension.
Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Moar lyke there wasn't any way it wasn't wrong, amirite gaiz?

No, seriously. Your statement "Everyone in here except me claims to know everything about everything" is 100% false. Agree or disagree?



A or B. Pick one. It's that fucking simple.
The statement has been amended, it is no longer on the table, keep up.

Yes, you are the one being dishonest here.
Well, at least I'm not alone then(though I wouldn't exactly call it good company).

Actually, it doesn't mean that. Like, at all. In any way. Just like if you made up some retarded board game and I said "Okay, I'll play your shitty game" doesn't mean I think it's the best game ever, or any similarly retarded ass-backward reasoning.
Whatever man, I told you to come over to my type of discussion, and said that if you really want to beat me in this discussion it will only happen if you follow MY RULES. You turned into some retarded thing about a realm based on my philosophy. Well since I now have realm and you came to join me. If it's my realm, it's my rules, you did what I said you did. or you never got your foot in the door.

You are wrong about so much shit it's ridiculous, my disrespect for you is completely warranted, and I'll only apologize to you if you can demonstrate that I was in the wrong about anything. And I mean literally anything I've ever said, ever, on this forum. Which I'd bet anything you cannot do based on your extremely poor grasp of logic, and fucking reality itself.
I am wrong about nothing I have stated here in this thread, I may have occasionally exaggerated or the like, but that's not the same as being wrong. Since your disrespect came about long before anything I attempted to use to stop it, yes it is completely unwarranted. You are the one who came into my discussion and tried to play by his own rules, not the reverse, so I'm definitely not the one who is twisted here.

But uh, yeah. If you're getting a bit bored in deluding yourself into believing your not a complete fucking imbecile, you want to talk about something else or something? I would say it's gotta be a chore to avoid tripping yourself up with all contradicting shit you say, but you really haven't been doing too great of a job avoiding catching yourself in your own web of bullshit. But still, surely there has to be some topic other than how dumb we are for thinking you're an idiot that you'd rather be discussing. Why don't we try starting over, eh buddy?
Look man, I just don't want to talk to you. I want you to gtfo and leave me alone. I resorted to doing nothing but insulting you for a while, but you still can't take the hint. I will say and do whatever I have to to get you to shut the fuck up and leave, that doesn't include debating you or anyone else on anything. You want me to admit that I am wrong?

Fine, according to the underinformed skewed viewpoint you all seem to hold that is all that is necessary to be right by the asinine rules set up in this forum, I am wrong. You have your ball, now go home.

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
When did we get to realms in this conversation? Can I have a realm? A few concubines and the ability to sentence people to death could come in handing... once I get people to enter my realm!!

There's chicken.
Miburo's the one who started handing out realms (first thing I did in mine was kick him out for breaking the rules basically), I just told him to come over to my style of discussion if he wanted to beat me.

So you may wish to apologize to Miburo for calling him delusional, Idk, Idc.

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