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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by Demi-God View Post
The line between a discussion and a debate can be very blurry. Essentially what you wanted are people who agreed with you and wanted to talk to you about whatever this thread was about the first place. This is the internet, that rarely happens.
I didn't necessarily want people who agreed with me, I more or less wanted people who knew what I was talking about. I don't care to have to find proof that I don't consider proof to justify my wanting to find knowledgeable people to discuss with. I didn't really wish to become anything approaching anyone's teacher, the most I want to do about anything is introduce someone to the most basic part of a concept. While I realize that the likelihood that someone will come along and begin to discuss in the fashion that I desire is minimal at this point, I still am standing my ground because I have integrity.

Usually a debate will be had, in some way or another. The people here aren't scared of a debate though, sometimes they learn something new from it and expand their knowledge and sometimes they can help someone learn.

Lord Pish Posh has spoken!
I understand that a lot of people like to debate here, but I do not like to debate, I would prefer not to. I dislike the idea that since there is only one right answer for most things, we eliminate all but the most likely possibility, thereby making the process of debating pure tedium for me. I believe that taking shelter inside probability is the same thing as letting everyone else live your life for you, it's the dumbest thing you can do. I only have one life, I want to experience as much of what it has to offer as possible, and that'll never happen just following the herd.

Edit: Also, interestingly, those rules were set in 2006. Times change, rules require modification in order to be relevant as the member base changes its mentality. Sometimes those rules aren't written down but the general public know what to do and leave those rules behind because they seem silly and don't fit the era. Reminds me of something...
I realize the rules aren't being enforced, and have adapted. I am merely using them as an indicator of exactly how against debating I am.

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