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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
To address this a bit further, the type of discussion you want has nothing to do with freedom of speech. Freedom of speech allows you to say whatever, for the most part. And you are allowed to do that.

Same applies to everyone. You can't dictate what anyone is allowed to say or how they're allowed to say it here. You can say shit, we can say that shit is stupid. You can say "I want you guys to play by my rules" and we can say "Fuck you and your silly rules."
Freedom of speech is also what allows people to have things like political rallies and church on Sundays, and I guarantee they kick people out of those things when they speak out against what the assembly was based around.

Same thing with having different threads here.

Originally Posted by Demi-God View Post
Again, public forum. Everyone and anyone may voice their opinions. If you know for sure that the minority exists then talk to them in private where you know others won't jump into the conversation. Personal Messages make for a good way to do so.
I shouldn't have to hide to have the type of discussion that I wish to have just because some other people are rude. I'll just wait for them to get bored and leave.
Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
You'll have to forgive me if I don't just take your word on that. Not that it matters if you were being spiteful about something that happened in a completely different thread. He wasn't insulting you in this thread. You brought your childish grudge into this thread by directly insulting someone who wasn't directly insulting you in this thread.

It's quite ridiculous that you think holding silly grudges and being spiteful about someone not following your personal code of conduct regarding respect are noble endeavors. You're acting like a little baby, grow up.
I would say that growing up means learning to respect other people. I do a pretty good job of respecting people that deserve it. Which is pretty much everyone THAT GIVES IT OUT FREELY like I did to all of you to begin with.

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Wanting people to agree with you? There is a very good reason I claim 5 cents every time someone says "I agree with ACt..." A) because it does happen regularly and it'll provide a nice university fund for future children and B) because it takes effort to clearly state your ideas in such a way that people who either don't agree or having given the idea thought so that they will agree or at least accept that there is a solid base for my assertions and opinions.

All AW has done is asserted that he doesn't have to defend what he says, which we all disagree with near to a man (woman). We've even provided reasons it is a lame premise that doesn't hold up to scrutiny (amazing that a position that forbids scrutiny fails under it) and he's rejected it. Why would we even begin a discussion?

As Lord Pish Posh so aptly put, if you want to have a discussion with someone who believes as you do or at least won't question or reject anything you say, a mirror is your best bet. Discussion are going to break into debates any time someone doesn't agree, it doesn't have to be a nasty debate so long as sides are going to counter or accept evidence that refutes/weakens their stance. AW does none of that here.

Also, since I said I'd point out dumb things people say, even if they agree with me, xxMESTxx... pretty lame insult, dude.
I don't even care if someone questions what I have to say, I will gladly respond to it properly as long as they didn't get off to a bad start with me. You yourself began by telling me that my point of view was exactly what was wrong with the world.

I absolutely maintain that the only person that ever has to prove anything is the one who claims that something is wrong. Even though this is so, I will prove anything I have stated to someone who didn't begin their relationship with me with some form of them telling me I was wrong. As far as I am concerned once someone tells me I'm wrong my responsibility in what I have said drops to 0%, they have just adopted it all, unless they can actually prove without a doubt that I was wrong.

I just don't think a lot of people here understand the difference between a disagreement, and right and wrong. One is a fleeting thing, the other is something of importance.

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