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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by almightywood View Post
Well it's really the reverse combined with the thought that everyone is using the golden rule.

But yeah that's what it means.
If they are using the golden rule, they are treating me the way they want to be treated. So since I obviously am not going to be treated with the respect that I want from these jokers, I'll give them the level of respect they want instead.
So while you believe in the golden rule, you are fully open to violate it because people are asking for it? Or you don't believe in the golden rule and are just going to react to how you are being treated, regardless of whether or not it is your fault?

If it is the first, you can't care how you are treated because even though you profess to believe to do unto others as you would have done onto you, you're OK with breaking with that to punish others who don't give you the respect you think you deserve (and in the process, earn how you were poorly treated).

If it is the latter, you're a moron, essentially asking for respect on a whim and prepared to muck it up with people who don't just think you're worthy or respect or awesome and some shit.

The golden rule is supposed to work that you treat people well regardless of what utter douchebags they are because that is how you feel you should be treated. I.e. I treat people well because I want to be treated well in return and regardless of how others treat me, I will continue to treat others well. It does not become a tit for tat, pissing contest because you don't think you got the respect or treatment you deserve.
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