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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
AW, I still don't see how insulting your intelligence after you've repeatedly posted extremely unintelligent things is in any way equatable to provoking a friend with a serious medical condition into doing something that can (and did) result in his death.
People claiming things without elaborating or justifying is exactly what my friend did. It's exactly why I gave him shit in the same fashion that you do as a matter of course. If you don't see the correlation, oh well, it's there reqardless.

If you claimed you were suicidal and were about to hang yourself and I said "Do it, pussy" then yeah, that would almost be me doing something similar to what you did to your friend. Except you're not my friend, so even that would be an flawed comparison since most people care about their friends a lot more than they do about some random dumbass on the internet. I'd have to be doing something like repeatedly calling my friend, who is extremely allergic to peanuts, a pussy for not eating a payday or something.
My friend didn't in any way claim it was life threatening, just that he shouldn't do it, so no that would make it an INAPPLICABLE analogy, not an applicable one.

Which I would never do, because I'm not an idiot. (Oh, and I would never be friends with anyone who would be so much of a pussy that he'd give into peer-pressure and end himself)
So what you are saying is that ignorance and idiocy are the same thing, and you can easily tell exactly what everyone you have ever met is feeling, so can predict who is suicidal and avoid being friends with them. Kudos to you on your magnanimous, and respectful nature, that makes perfect sense and is completely justified.

Besides, even if I was that much of an idiot, which I'm not and I'm absolutely positive you cannot demonstrate otherwise, I'd still be less of a piece of shit horrible human being than you. Since I've yet to actually provoke anyone into killing himself, while you have. Your entire argument with that basically boils down to, at the very worst, I'm a horrible human being because I'm almost as horrible of a human being as you.
This is kind of like saying "I drive dunk all the time, but I've never gotten into an accident, so I'm a better person than that drunk driver who got into an accident years ago and stopped doing it."

You sure you don't want to rethink that one a bit?
You sure you don't?

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