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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by almightywood View Post
Don't be a know-it-all. Following something doesn't mean that you have to consistently follow it 100% of the time. If a guy lies or cheats on his wife, he broke one of the ten commandments. Does that mean he doesn't really believe in god? No, same principle here.
Just poking holes in your "rules", golden or otherwise that you say you follow. And you just satisfied the complaints that you shift meanings and arguments to suit what you are saying so you aren't wrong by stating you don't have to be consistent in what you follow.

Of course, that doesn't add anything new, just confrimation. Follow the Golden Rule except when it is convenient not to. Does this apply to any other rules, laws or biblical regulations you'd like to inform us on?

This is a line of shit, it's his delusion that you've bought into.
He is not respectful to people that are respectful to him. His interactions with me are proof of that.
So it has nothing to do with me not comprehending, it has to do with him, and by proxy you, not comprehending how revolting his approach is.
You are going after one example of his treatment of you and poorly so. He doesn't insult out the gate, only when people are being persistently stupid and in this thread, he really didn't get "mean" until you started spouting shit about Numinous being a murder or whatever that shit was.

So you are saying that the increasing ratio of insults that began with him insulting me unprovoked is an example of how he is justified and I am not, how exactly?
Thank you for walking hardlong in to this one. Here's what I said (abbreviated):

EDIT: Also, your inability to understand Miburo's position is pretty hilarious... The very fact that your own language has becoming increasingly insulting as you apparently do unto him as he does unto others and STILL misunderstand how he goes about his internet business is such a joke.
You stated before this that you are using the reverse golden rule on Miburo, thus you MUST understand how he is behaving because you are returning the behaviour, yet you claim you don't understand. I'm not saying either is justified but that you're "hey man, I don't get it, I"m just giving it back" is such a laughable line - it's like you want to maintain some sort of distance so you aren't culpable in your actions.

The truth is, if you revile everything about how Miburo is responding to you, then you must be reviling yourself for stooping to his "revolting" level.

Also, Asshole Master. That's the dumbest thing since "Chocolate Slide"... HR? Is it really just you in disguise?
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