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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
It amazes me how KYF's fapping to Sasuke can blind him to the fact that arrogance has been Sasuke's defining character trait for the entire series. Rock Lee kicked his ass for it, Gaara terrified the shit out of him because of it, his entire decision to leave Konoha was sparked by his inability to comprehend Naruto being stronger than him, KB merc'd him for it, and the Kage ripped him apart for it.

Madara cut down dozens of soldiers faster than the eye could see, Sasuke's only able to come close to that with his strongest shunshin, and that's without factoring Asura Path's rocket boots that would exponentially increase Madara's speed. The power of their ninjutsu and taijutsu isn't even comparable with the extent to which Sasuke's outclassed. As long as Madara can complete a sentence he's smarter than Sasuke at this point.

And again, denying what has been stated in the manga really doesn't help your case.
With a lot you said about the topic, but the bolded I disagree with, and if I didn't I couldn't call myself a Sasuke Fan which I have no problem saying.

The Rock Lee part, I got no beef...

The Gaara part, yes and no. There were other things going on like him becoming enamored with his new CS powers, yet not knowing how to control or use them correctly, equaling perfomances in which he's merc'ing Sound Shinobi, then at inopportuned times hes sitting down like a Dude on Intervention before the Pre-Intervention meeting. Additionally, a Bijuu/Summons were the largest ally/foes they had ever been up against to date (yup 1Tail much bigger than the snake in the Forest of Death).

Leaving Konaha, he left because he wanted to pursue Itachi, and nothing else. Though this was his wish, no matter that he was inexperienced and not ready for Akatsuki Level battles, Konoha's Goody Goody Asses wouldn't allow Sasuke to go on that mission. His goals were more important than Konoha's, which makes sense considering the past, its logical and very sensible to me. He's had the 'I have no more use for Konoha' for quite sometime, and honestly would've become a forgotten character if Konoha, Naruto, Sakura, didn't have a fags hard on for him, and keep chasing him like a zombie after someone normal. His exploits would've been vs. Akatsuki, and whomever, but little or nothing to do with Konoha. His decision to leave didn't hindge upon one Rasengen that blew up a water tower a bit more than one expected, IMHO.

KB merc'd him, no arguemnt they're at all.

Raichu... sorry, I don't think anyone would expect a simple genin who ran away to be able to stand up to, pierce his chest, and either block or deflect his attacks to the point where they were ineffective. They were ineffective because #1 he didn't stop Sasuke whom was hunting Danzou, at best he 'paused', and I might add in doing that, he lost a limb, last I checked Sasuke still has zero scars, or lost limbs, that were connected with that altercation. That being said, Raichu being a Kage, him fighting seriously in a rage because he assumed Sasuke killed KB, the limb thing, and Sasuke still proceeded to the Kage Meeting Room, equals failure for a Kage, why few see this I can't understand. If you truly say it correct, Sasuke ripped him, look at the bodys in the aftermath.

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