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Re: Us government's trick to violate civil liberties

Originally Posted by stubborn_d0nkey View Post
I dont know about you, but for me respect isn't a black and white thing. What I mean by that is that, for me, it isn't just an issue of respecting somebody or not respecting somebody, there are differences in types of respect, reasons for respecting and of course, quantities of respect.

I don't respect everybody equally, though I do respect everybody at least as a conscious entity (That's if they have nothing else worth respecting and much worth disrespecting). I give unknown people a certain amount of respect, and they can earn more or deserve less, and if I respect somebody for something that doesn't necessarily mean that respect applies to every aspect of the person (and the same goes for disrespect). If a big douche was an awesome chess player (I like chess, its one of my hobbies), they'd get immense respect from me for their chess skills, but they'd get disrespect for being a douche, so when dealing with him if the context would be chess related I'd respect (what) that person (is saying), if it wouldn't have anything to do with chess I'd just ignore him/give him little attention (what I do with douches).
Actually, this is something worth bringing up.

Usually I just treat this whole context thing as a given, but when I think about it a lot of idiots who get overly upset about shit might actually not realize this kinda thing.

Most of the time when people call someone an idiot, for example, they mean it within the context of the situation. It's basically a short hand way of saying "You are portraying yourself as an idiot in this particular situation." Not "I think you are a being of pure concentrated stupid that is incapable of producing a rational thought about anything, ever."

Same thing with respect, like you pointed out. If I disrespect a person because of his idiotic, horrible beliefs and opinions that doesn't mean I think of him as actual human trash with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

It really seems like AW thinks we all mean that latter though. That's really the only way to coming close to rationalizing his insane responses to numerous people in this thread. He was calling Numinous a murderer or some shit like that; expressed a desire to torture, murder, and rape me; implied that Mal raped his sister; and stated that he considers most of us a inhuman monsters who deserve to die. Either he doesn't comprehend the concept of context, or he's seriously a psychopath or some shit.

Regardless, that kind of shit isn't really acceptable. Now, I have no problem with him threatening me personally. I actually think it's hilarious that he wants to kill me (And more so because he thinks he can kill me, Harhar!). But saying the same kind of horrible shit to numerous respectable posters on this site isn't alright. In addition to that, his childish grudge shit and his inability to handle criticism of any kind without going off the handle is effecting other parts of the forum (Like in his other thread he recently created.). I'm normally against, well, moderating shit in general. But I can't really justify keeping someone around who says such horrible shit and expresses a desire to continually go out of his way to be a total douche because of his childish grudges.

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