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Re: Santorum: declaring war on heavy metal

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
Romney seems to me to be the most level-headed candidate, at least since Huntsman dropped out (relatively speaking, of course). Ron Paul has several good ideas, but at least a few that I think would be incredibly damaging to the US.
Really? Romney comes off as such a joke to me. I really kind of despise all the nominees this time, not one of them makes me want them to run this country, I actually worry if some do. I do like some of Paul's ideas, but him being president would be a pretty big gamble, in my opinion his plan for presidency could either be exactly what this country needs, or it could not even work and end up, like you said, incredibly damaging the US.

Also, this dude sounds like a complete nut case. I would understand it more if he had a vendetta against like, all kinds of rock, rap, hip hop and shit. This dude has a serious grudge against metal. The things he says in that article are kind of insane. I think we should come up with idiot internment camps for all the assholes like him. It would at least be more beneficial than locking people up for listening to metal.

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