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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
The Rasengan that made his Chidori seem like a pair of safety scissors was only the very last straw. It began with the Forest of Death, where Naruto stood up to Orochimaru where Sasuke pussied out until Naruto got wailed on and Sakura called Sasuke out. Then it moved on to the fight against Gaara. Sasuke couldn't do jack shit to Gaara after he went 1-Tail and he knew it. But Naruto stood up to Gaara and won. Sasuke could barely handle that, then BAM, Itachi shows up. Itachi fucking owns Sasuke, and he's far more interested in Naruto than he is Sasuke. This drives Sasuke a bit over the edge, and then Naruto pulling Rasengan out of goddamn nowhere (in Sasuke's perspective) and once again making Sasuke feel like he has something to prove was what pushed him onto the slippery slope.

I specifically said the "Kage", not the "Raikage". A's fight with Sasuke is debatable. The end result seemed more in Sasuke's favor, but that entire fight was just Raikage beating the everloving shit out of Sasuke. The only hit Sasuke got that meant anything only happened because A let it happen. The other Kage though, THEY completely wrecked Sasuke. Mei chumped Susano'o like it was nothing, and Onoki came within an inch of one-shotting him. Had Sasuke not been rescued by Tobi & Friends, he would have died.
Forest of Death, Sasuke pussed out, I'd think Oro would like a word with you, actually I'd say Sasuke gave him one of the worse asswhuppings he took to date until he put the CS on Sasuke.

Then on to Gaara, the thing people just throw to the side is that Sasuke was in pain when he wasn't 'sync'd' after using the power of the CS, additionally jutsu's and stuff aren't availlable to novices under the power of the CS, thats specifically why Oro gave it to the people he did, because they HAD to seek him out. This was obviously the truth when Kakashi was attempting his 'Medicine Man' Sealing Tech when Oro slid in on Sasuke and Kakashi as he was attempting his brand of voodoo magic, whiich was far beneath Orochimaru's CS abilities. But what did the Konoha people say.... forget about the CS, use abilites without the use of that, to a genin whom is still learning about chakra control and its abilities, yeah that makes as much sense as 'fight without your legs, you can win'. Sure if his name was Naruto. We're gonna jump for joy because Naruto was trained in summoning prior to Sasuke? Who cares, a Summons was required to defeat Gaara in that Arc, and obviously nobody trained Sasuke in that up to that point, big whuup, when I read the manga, after the Gaara stuff, I got the feeling that Sasuke felt he couldn't rely on his own strength, and the Konoha was simply didn't work for his goals of getting Itachi.

When Itachi show'd up it matters not that Itachi and Kisame were more interested in Naruto, they'res one thing that Sasuke bashers just step past, Dude saw his Mother and Father slayed by his Brother in front of his face. Nobody forgets that, and that drove Sasuke to where he is today, it has soo much less to do with 'I'm not as powerful as Naruto'. If that were the case, why, never not one time has Sasuke achieved a new power, ability, or whatever, and sought out Naruto? Because from the point he leaves, he's not interested in anything Konoha anymore.

The last part of Sasuke's character a lot of people also 'put to the side' is one has to remember, Sasuke spent at least a portion of his early life, where there were problems between Uchiha, and Konoha, and thats the reason ultimately the Coup was thought up and pursued. That equates to animosity on both sides, whether unspoken or not. To date the only clan that was a part of any village, and that had been separated from they're supposed village was the Uchihas. That is a shameful walk, and prolly pissed off many Uchiha whom knew they had nothing to do with the events that landed the clan where it was, and many prolly felt between a rock and a hard place. Therefore, coming to live with those who sent my Brother to kill my parents and my clan, wouldn't sit well with an Uchiha, especially a Prince. He knew he wasn't 'with his own', and thats why he ultimately left, they was nothing to 'fix' or 'work out' because the leadership of Konoha had the supposed nuts to order all that death, but not the nuts to support the decision, so they said 'lets keep it a secret that hopefully nobody finds out'.

And for all the reasons a lot of people bash Sasuke, thats why I respect him. He didn't just follow the 'ninja path' Konoha sets for people; didn't follow the path Itachi left for him, and is one of the top shinobi basically living on his own since Vote, every character in the manga hasn't shown the inside stuff to survive as Sasuke has. He's not the best, or the baddest, but he does matter, no one can question that. And he did it the Frank Sinatra way, his way.

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