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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
General note: you don't defend your point well at all when you deny what happened in the fucking manga. Sasuke was scared shitless of Oro and refused to fight at all until Naruto stood up to Oro, got fucking owned, and Sakura called Sasuke out on being a puss. That's when Sasuke got over himself, had his little inner monologue about how he could never manage to get his revenge if he was too scared to risk his life and fight Oro.

Goddamn you're missing the point hard. You're so obsessed with defending Sasuke that you can't see that the argument is not "IS NARUTO BETTAR THAN SASKUE THAN!?" The point is that Naruto's ability to defeat Gaara where Sasuke had failed, regardless of reason, dealt a massive blow to Sasuke's pride. Which it did.

What are you even arguing here? Of course Itachi showing up had a lot to do with his decision to leave. No fucking shit. But that's not all there is to it. Sasuke believed he needed ever more power, more than he could get in Konoha, because Naruto had been wounding his pride for so long. He was thinking along the lines of "If even Naruto is more powerful than me, how can I ever hope to beat Itachi?" And Orochimaru offered him power. Sasuke felt a need to prove himself better than Naruto just like Naruto always felt a need to prove himself TO Sasuke. Why do you think he instigated their fight on the hospital?

And why are you arguing about how he felt after the timeskip? That has nothing to do with what motivated him prior to it.

1. Sasuke was completely unaware of the conflict between the Uchiha and the village.
2. Sasuke spent his entire childhood being told what an honor it was to be part of the Uchiha Police, having the special position of being the protectors and law of the village.

You're arguing that Sasuke was fully aware of the tension when we know for a fact that he wasn't. This whole paragraph is complete bollocks.

The thing is, all of those decisions were driven by unrelenting arrogance and complete disrespect for everyone who ever cared about him. Sure it's "his" path, but "his path" is pissing on Itachi's memory while trying to claim that he's honoring him. He doesn't listen to reason or morality anymore, he's basically just driven by pure impulse and emotion. That's why I can't stand him; he's so purely unsympathetic, and he's so much less compelling a character in part 2 compared to part 1.
Okay because Sasuke was scared shitless in the Forest of Death, Naruto is a better shinobi because you think so, or some other random characters in the manga, I'm sorry where's the 'Trophy' becuase while all of that sexy Naruto stuff did happen, at the end of the battle, Naruto was knocked the fuck out, Sakura was a cheerleader, and Sasuke ultimately beat down the vessel that Oro was using to the point where he applied his CS, and got the freak out of dodge. So lets not act like Naruto was there standing tall and battling to the end of the battle like WB in One Piece, not the case, therefore, it was a Team win, with little to no effort from Sakura, and Sasuke recieved the worse end of the deal, the CS.

The Naruto defeating Gaara with Shuukaku did bother Sasuke's pride, I have no problem saying that, but everything he did wasn't hindged upon Naruto, whereas thats how Naruto has lived his life, chasing Sasuke. Sasuke was more enamored with Itachi, finding him, and having enough ability to defeat him. If all Sasuke needed was to be a good shinobi, and follow the Konoha way, #1 why didn't that useless seal that Kakashi attempted on Oro's CS work, #2 why didn't he seek help from like Anko, or somebody else who would possibly have greater knowledge on subduing the effects. #2 You talk about being scared shitless, when Kakashi was attempting to seal the freaking thing, Oro slid up on them and Kakashi looked like his life passed before his eyes several times and he shitted actual bricks. Yup Sasuke was sitting there watching this shit, and when the wacked ass seal didn't work, it was just as Oro said 'you will come see me to gain more power'. Because thats what he deemed he needed and decided that it wouldn't be probable, or possible within his timeframe that he wanted. Notice all the OTHER shit that was going on, Kages dying, blah blah, he gave not 2 shits about Konoha business specifically after getting wrecked by Itachi in the hallway, just gaining more power, which makes normal sense to me.

The hospital shit, Sasuke was a spoiled irritated ex-Prince, living with nobody he grew up with specifically, (notice in all the flashbacks, they're are none with Sasuke and anyone inside of Konoha walls, nobody) irritated by the stumbling block the CS was causing, and the lack of control of his destiny, which at the time he was feeling like I'll never catch up to Itachi messing around here. I'm not saying Sasuke pride was never hurt or whatever, he didn't seemingly hang on to it the way some act like he did. The proof is even when some other character started talking about Naruto, he didn't even want to hear about it, while Naruto the direct opposite, the stalker. At some point, prolly after that altercation Sasuke menatall officially checked out of Konoha, Team 7, and was then 100% immersed in his own business. Thats not to be unexpected IMHO, Sasuke didn't grow up playing hide go seek and couldn't find a partner like Chouji/Shika, or others from 'THAT' Chuunin Exam, like Suna Shinobi whom were siblings and grew up together. Sasuke had very little connection with these characters beyond his dealings in the Academy, I can't understand why people expected him to 'feel the love', and 'join our gang', he didn't fit, and the storyline set him up not to fit.

While I don't feel that Sasuke knew anything specific about the Coup, or whatever, it was very notable that NO other Uchiha besides Itachi considered Konoha 'comrades'. They'res no interaction in which Konoha offered an olive branch to the Uchiha's besides what Hiruzen was going to try to do. That being the case, and the Uchihas not being seen present in anything besides the Police Force would make me believe that Sasuke percieved characters in the Uchiha Village friends A LOT more different than Konoha which the situation produced. Lets not pretend that the Uchiha's were cool with everyone and everything that was Konoha, and Sasuke's Dad, and a few Uchiha Elders jumped off the deep end. Coups don't get planned, or happen at all if that were the case. Though Sasuke never verbally said it, the only 2 people he's shown 'love' to in the entire manga was his Mother, and Itachi. He never showd real 'love' for anyone, even Naruto, what they formed was a mutual respect IMHO, and Naruto spoke it himself, 'I can't ever catch up with you'. May not be the case but he felt that toward Sasuke, his word.

Lastly, I have no problem with Sasuke pissing on Itachi's dreams, or Kakashi's wishes, I prefer him being his own character, and not a shadow of others, or a simple soldier that follows others orders. Besides the Uchihas were supposedly these jealous, stubborn, hard headed, only think about themselves type of clan, what would one expect from one of the Princes of that clan? I would expect nothing less than a Uchiha having his type of personality, its rational in an devastated mind, and thats all you are for the rest of your life after watching your parents perish in front of you, they'res nothing going to be 'logical' in any of your deeds for the rest of ones life IMHO. But thats just me. I can agree to disagree though, everybody dosen't have to have the same opinon of Sasuke as myself, just what I gathered from the manga/anime/storyline.

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