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Re: Bleach 480

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Its perspective. Kubo is more 'in the moment' than even Kishi/Naruto. He hasn't set a lot of shit up to be important or whatever later. He generally focuses on simply the area with the most characters. He rarely switches actual 'locations' unless its quick, and informational. His storytelling styles major foundation is battles. He does excell in his actual battle imagination, choreography, not perfect but battles are far better than those in Naruto IMHO. Since Naruto/Pein, besides Sasuke's battles, they've been subpar IMHO. Not every one, but most of the battles.

Btw, in the interview Kubo stated, Nel & Grimjoww will prolly appear again, but with Halibel he said 'doubt it', but its possible. Ever other Arrancar and they're subordinates perished.
Yeah, it's cool dude, I get it, that's why I'm still reading Bleach, but it's still slow as hell.
I mean, you even said so yourself in another post how some of the captains have still yet to show their Bankais.

It may not have been their proper time to show their Bankais then, but we should have already gotten to the point that they should, instead of the dragging we're being laid on, specially with the one year of fullbringers that outwore their welcome quickly.

On a separate note, Bleach should focus on the fighting more rather than Kubo making entire pages of scenery. Naruto was going down a spiral of decay until they finally started fighting again, now I'm starting to like it again.
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