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Re: One Piece 657

Was a good chapter quite enjoyed.

First off, pretty sure this has to be Law now. I mean he slashed the samurai and thats how his body got like that. If it isnt Law that the only possible thing that I can even think of is Vegapunk is trying to replicate that power just like he was able to copy that admirals power into the Pacifistas. Its the Admiral in yellow cant remember his name.

The Wano country sounds awesome, was hoping it would like be more traditional samurai Japan. Cant wait to see it, and especially the Straw Hats in it, there going to look so out of place.

No idea what to make of this Angel woman, I mentioned that I think this place might be were Vegapunk experiments with different devil fruits, e.g, the dog / gun fruit thing. So guessing shes something like that.

Franky Radical Beam awesome beyond words. Although I'm wondering what Brook going to do now, think hes going to be badass like in Thriller Bark and go on a solo mission slashing everyone again.

Big babys ? So confused now. Are they trying to breed Giants or something ?
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