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Re: Naruto 574

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Sasuke hasn't seriously been shown for like what a year? When he finally gets some screen time it's only to fight a bunch of nameless Zetsu. Sorry but that shit's lame as hell considering there's supposed to be a massive war going on & he's traveled to two different towns AFTER leaving a hidden base. You telling me all this time Sasuke hasn't met up with anyone?
The battle is occuring at some weird desert looking area. Sasuke was at some hidden base, far away. The entirety of the entire ninja world is concentrated on this fight. They don't have to leave back up at their villages because there is no one else to fight. Even the targets of the enemy are on the battlefield.

When Sasuke said empty, I took it to mean he didn't see any ninjas. Personally, I don't seem willing to go and randomly kill women and children.

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Kishi basically reiterated this chapter the fact that Sasuke isn't going to kill anyone from the village he's supposed to hate. Personality contradiction much?
Nah. This just confirms that since the Kage summit, Sasuke has been in non-sensical comic book villain territory.

It's the kill the big champion hero to destroy the resolve of the weaker foes in order to make them easier to kill type logic.
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