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Re: Naruto 574

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
So Sasuke basically said he will not kill anyone from Konoha before killing Naruto lmao.

PS: This was clear foreshadowing of an Itachi/Sasuke encounter.

Food for thought

What exactly did Orochimaru take into account? Was it the war or his own death by Itachi's sealing?

What exactly is the powerup Suigetsu has for Sasuke? Is it Oro cell? Is it space/time?

Will Orochimaru return?

Suigetsu apparently outclasses Juugo.

Karin is about to make her escape so she can fail on the battle field.

Team hawk reunion is in the works.
How on earth doe that foreshadow sasuke and itachi"s meeting? It only means that sasuke wouldnt kill any of the rookies.(Its an exuse for kishi to keep them alive without making sasuke look like he cant kill them./ so the fans wouldn't question why psycho sasuke let them live.)
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