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Re: Games and all things related

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Not really a huge fan of the story.
What didn't you like about it? I thought it was awesome. But I've only played it once. I usually catch a lot of things that I missed out on beforehand when I go through shit twice and that usually changes my like for it. Also could just be that I liked seeing Big Boss rolling around and fighting/chasing down sliding/rolling tank-robot things and thus the story went right over my head and I just thought it was cool anyway. But yeah, I thought it was pretty cool first time around. Something about nuclear deterrence and freeing a country and then a super double secret scheme with getting Big Boss to join the patriots or just keeping an eye on him or something. And then it ended with Big Boss basically starting to establish outer heaven Or wait, the establishing of it was slightly before the actual super secret DOUBLE scheme, but it was after the super secret scheme, at least.

I'm not entirely sure why Big Boss said The Boss betrayed him. I was thinking it had to do with not fighting the government like he was, but shouldn't he have realized that way, way before? Why'd it take this entire game?

Also, I played Mass Erect, the first, one time a long time ago when I was younger as fuck. I got lost right in the beginning and haven't played it since.
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