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Re: Naruto 574

Originally Posted by What View Post
I am calling it right now, Tobi is Orochimaru, it makes so much damn sense.

He died to easily against sasuke, I call it right now. Kabuto will soon find out and be like wtf, think about it guys, he thought eyes alone would be enough at first then realized he needed an actual body at the level sasuke will soon be at to actually perform the moons eye plan.

Not to mention the way in which Tobi keeps referring to sasuke is almost exactly how Orochimaru did.
Going to answer with the same reply I made in the prediction thread, and add one more point.
1. If Tobi was Orochimaru he wouldn't have needed Tsetsu's recording of Saauke's fight with Itachi, he was there inside Sasuke. Eww. That was so wrong to write.
2. Tobi has more sharingan eyes than he can shake a stick at. Sasuke's body isn't all that incredible. He has limited chakra, as compared to someone like Naruto. If Orochimaru already had all those sharingan eyes he wouldn't care about Sasuke. He had followers fighting to be his next host. He could easily have found a useable body and transplant sharingan eyes into the new body. Especially since he'd have Kabuto's help.
3. If Tobi were Orochimaru, he wouldn't have needed Kabuto to explain how the Edo Tensei worked, considering it was Orochimaru that perfected the technique.
I doubt Tobi is Orochimaru. He'd have no reason to enact this stupid plan to start a war from the shadows. Orochimaru was more of a front and center type.
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