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Re: Is Yu Yu Hakusho overrated?

I voted properly rated. I agree some parts could have been done better, but that's true in every manga. The ending really sucked, but almost every fan agrees on that. So it's not as if people saw that part and said "ZOMG that's awesome". So as long as us fans understand that it had some flaws then it's not really overrated.

Now Naruto and Bleach are overrated. There are Narutards right now reading that shit and honestly believe it's one of the best mangas of all time.

Just to respond to a few thing Veng mentioned.

1) The dark tournament was one of my favorite parts. I understand how you could see the Dragonball World Tournament similarities, but that's to be expected. Lot's of mangas have had tournaments in them, and Dragonball was hardly the first. I felt the differences were more then enough to distinguish the 2 mangas apart.

2) I thought the Chapter Black arc took forever to be over with. It just had such a long build up period, that by the end I was ready for it to be over. It was still OK, but I felt the Humans powers were kinda weird and unnecessary. Personally, I'd rather the author left them out of the manga altogether, and substituted a group of "Toguro level" henchmen in their place. I also thought the difference in power levels started to become way too wide at this point. Most of those SDF guys that showed up at the end were high A level fighters, and Yusuke(demon form) was a low S ranked, yet the difference was still big enough that they still practically shit their pants at the sight of him. That's just fucked up. I feel that the power surge of Yusuke's Demon Form was just way too much of a leap. Even if Raizen was controlling him during the fight, he shouldn't have beat Sensui like he did.

3) I felt the 3 Kings arc started great. The after effects of meeting and fighting someone like Sensui, the questions that arose from that of what his own motivations were, and the soul searching trip he went on, were masterfully done. I liked that as much as the main arc that followed. The fact that even after all that training with Raizen, Yusuke still was weak as shit compared to the other 2 Kings, was well done. Would we rather he had gained haxxed out powers and beat everyone down? Hell no. That's the path that Naruto and Bleach have traveled down, and look how shitty those mangas turned out. So Kudos to the author for not taking the easy way out.

Raizens friends showing up out of now where was kinda stupid though. The tournament itself was pretty awesome, even if we only saw a tiny amount of the thousands of fights that supposedly took place. But that's cool though. Sometimes it's the things that aren't shown that make a story good. It leaves room to imagine for yourself. Yusuke actually losing was a pretty ballsy move though. How many mangas do you know where the main character doesn't win in the end. Can you imagine Kubo or Kishi doing the same. LOLOLOL, they don't have the scrotum to pull something like that.

All in all Yu Yu Hakusho is a great manga. Some parts were "Meh", and other parts were "FUCK YEAH", but only the ending was "What the fuck am I reading". For it's time it was one of the pillars of greatness, and even today it's still better then 90% on the shit published.

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