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Re: The Will of D

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
This thread is not about guessing what the Will of D is, but about some interesting connections to a few characters that may influence the series in the long run.

First let's take a look at WB's final words.

That indicates that One Piece, w/e it is, is heavily tied with the Void history and the Will of D. It also foreshadows that One Piece will be found before the end of the manga, forcing all the powers to converge in a massive battle for their respective reasons.

Aside from foreshadowing those events, that bit of info adds another possible dimension, as to why the Marines wanted to take out WB so badly.

Sure he was the most powerful Yonkou, but he was also part of the small group of people that knew/know what the Will of D is ( outside of the WG ). It is implied that Roger told him before he died here.

That brings out a few interesting possibilities. With WB gone, there are now 4 people who know what the Will of D is, 1 confirmed ( Rayleigh ) and 3 pending.

I want to focus on those three, and specially in one in particular. The three other characters that could know what the Will of D is are Crocus, Shanks and Buggy.

Crocus was present at the Oro Jackson on its last voyage, so was Shanks and presumably Buggy. I say presumably because there is always the possibility that Buggy dipped since he is a coward.

He was present at Roger's execution, and things point to him having stayed with the Roger pirates the entire time.

Now, the WG did everything they could in order to wipe out anything or anyone connected with Roger, even going so far as trying to hunt down and murder his soon to be born child, Ace.

So how could Crocus, Shanks and Buggy escape this ?

Crocus was only present in their last voyage, that could explain why he might have been not well known and looked over. Shanks and Buggy were mere trainees, and the WG usually focuses on the Captains and the more dangerous members. ( Most of the Supernova's crews had no bounties to their name )

Shanks only climbed to the top echelon years after Roger's death. So even if the WG suspects that he knows about the Void History and Will of D, he has become far too powerful for them to simply engage him on a whim.

Let's face it, the motherfucker made grown marines shit their pants with his mere presence in the war.

Buggy dipped and hid in the East Blue, the weakest sea. Basically the best place to lay low. But, things have now changed. With his arrest and escape from ID, the WG actually looked into his back ground and found out that he is indeed a danger to them.

It is implied that they did not learn this info until recently.

Which brings me to the final possibility I would like to put out there. Could the WG have invited Buggy into the Shichibukai, so that eventually he will be their ticket to Raftel ?

Roger and his crew are the only ones to ever make it there, and it was hinted by Crocus that it is the most logical place to search for One Piece.

Should the WG ever try to make it there and bury the truth once and for all, keeping Buggy close could be a massive trump card ( assuming he knows how to get there ).

To summarize:

- Crocus, Rayleigh, Shanks and Buggy are possibly the only people in the entire OPverse ( outside of the WG ) that know the truth behind the Will of D and the Void History.

- Killing WB could have meant taking one step closer to sweeping things under the rug completely.

- Buggy could be the WG's way into Raftel.

Thoughts ? Comments ?
There's another one who knows what is the will of the d

trafalgar law

like he says the D gonna cause a storm again

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