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Re: One Piece 658

Was very happy with this chapter, alot of juicy info.

So Franky Laser beam is on par with Pacifista Lasers, does that mean he has the same laser as the Light Light Fruit ? It was said awhile ago that Vegapunk was able to copy his DF powers and incorporate them into the Pacifistas, well only the beams. Loved his Strong Right looked so cool now.

Looking forward to the new villian. Maybe its someone who worked under Vegapunk and was let go and has a vendatta blah blah. You know the kind of guy Im talking about. Like Urahaha and Mayuri (( The Captain of Squad 12 the science division )) both are very intelligent people and obviously disagree with each other.

Congrats on the person who said that this was the island were the fight started. Im not too fussed about that I mean I want to see the fight obviously but some people seem a bit annoyed its that island. But most of all Smoker is here people Luffy and Smoker meeting back up will be epic. Can already see Luffy like running past him noticing him and saying " Oh Smokey ! Sorry gotta run" then runs off with Smoker with a wtf face.
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