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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Clever words that sound intelligent but at their root are idiocy (derp - never seen your brain and so by scientific protocol, you don't have one, derp).
Wait a second, you just said "Intelligent words that sound intelligent."

Think you meant to say something about the way the sentences were worded being clever, but their meanings being stupid.

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
So stop. Stop posting, stop talking. This thread is useless and I am insulted for all of you that you decided to treat these points as something that needs to be discussed.
Or, you know, we could be treating these points as something we want to discuss because it's fun. Not every explanation of what heat and cold are is done out of "need for discussion." So shut it, sexy old cranky face.

I know, I have to get a life. =\

Also, I know, it's all semantics.

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
yea life is pretty cool but if this is something that has never been reached before how can we say there is a such thing as absolute zero..
Just going to copy-paste from a quick, google search. Too lazy to actually substantiate, but the credible proof is out there, I'd wager.

"If you plot the pressure of an enclosed gas on a vertical axis against its temperature on the horizontal scale, you get a straight line slanting upward to the right. That just means that increasing the temperature results in increased pressure.

Now, if you merely extrapolate the line backward to the left (toward lower temperatures) it crosses the horizontal axis at about -273 degrees centigrade, regardless of the gas being measured. That is recognized as the coldest possible temperature, when all motion stops."

So basically if you think of it as a measure energy-entropy, like Kael said.

Physics. It IS theoretical, meaning its a physics theory proven via math/experimentation regarding thermodynamic concepts, and it makes a prediction. But it makes complete logical sense.

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
and that link lead me to the TOE page and
why even believe in these things that can't be proven .. it's almost like their doing the same thing that religious people do but in the guise of knowledge instead of faith when it's really the same thing .. a belief .. since they can't prove it
Theory of Everything HASN't been "solved" yet. It's not actually established as a proper theory. It's basically a goal science wants to reach. Anything that Science "believes" IS backed by proof, otherwise Science will "tell you so.", aka they don't consider it proven/won't call it a theory/fact/ won't "believe it." It even says on that page under "current" or whatever, that there is no actual accepted model, yet. They think breakthroughs may come with dark matter experiments, etc.

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