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Re: Games and all things related

I hope they never make Hitman multiplayer, like Shrike says it would take away from the game. The same thing for AC.

Went to Best Buy (not to buy) to check out the PS Vita. Very thin, big screen, joysticks are kinda strange and tiny but are better than the one in the PSP. Tried Uncharted and FIFA on it.

Uncharted Demo: Not bad really, animations are kinda strange and slow, graphics are great for a handheld, what I hate is everything on the menu has to be with the touchscreen so I was fighting with the buttons for a while, dunno why they won't let you use both.

FIFA: Good graphics and animations but the controls... horrible. If you accidentaly touch the backscreen you make a shot (depending on where you touch and how long you press tells where the shot will be. So lots of oops on there, since the damn thing is so thin. I guess the device is not for people with big hands, not that mine are big but it was kinda uncomfortable trying to hold it correctly.

To me its not worth it, I see it more as an entertainment device. The screen is very nice and the sound is good, but for gaming its kinda uncomfortable with all the touch thingys and what-not. It's like designed for the touchscreen/pad and not for the buttons and joysticks(which are really really small). Plus it uses the memory card system again for storage, weak.

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