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Re: Games and all things related

I'm about seven hours into Mass Effect 3 now. I like the tone that the game's taken on. It's grimdark, end of the world shit, but there's a lot of humor and lightheartedness, depending on which planet or ship you're on. For example, when you're on the Normandy it's very serious, lights are dimmed, sense of foreboding. When you're on the Citadel, however, it's very bright and serene, and you mostly see the effects of war, like refugees, clogged hospitals, and so on. Leveling is leaps and bounds better than ME2 and importing a level-capped character that's been through the previous games really gives you an edge (I think you start at level 30 out of 50 if you hit level 60 in ME and 30 in ME2). Gun customization is back, much to my liking, except now you don't have twenty of the same mod clogging your inventory. Plus, most of the mods change the appearance of your gun, so you can have a sniper rifle with a bigger scope and barrel. Because scopes and barrels are directly proportional to Shepard's DIIICK.

Also, the new squadmate James Vega doesn't make me rage as hard as I thought I would. He's pretty useful in a fight and isn't all that aggravating in conversations.

Now some complaints:
Day one DLC. Pain in the ass, to be sure. Beat it right off the bat and got the Prothean companion. The amount of content does not warrant ten dollars. It should have absolutely been included in the disc at launch. The Prothean himself doesn't really bother me, he adds an interesting dynamic to some situations and conversations.

Death of a child and dumb reporter broad from IGN or whatever. The "shock value" of the kid dying is unnecessary, especially the part where Shepard has a nightmare because of it. My Shepard's a stone-cold killer who headbutts krogan, pushes mercenaries off of skyscrapers, bangs alien bitches, and CQCs cunt reporters. My Shepard shouldn't be terribly phased to see a kid enter a shuttle and watch the shuttle get blown up among other ones. Dumb reporter broad is ugly as sin, but I'm glad I was able to tell her to stay the fuck away from my ship.
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