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Re: One piece 659

So here we have a map of Punk Hazard.
A doughnut with a massive lake in the middle.
By looking at the map its safe to say the Hie Hie no Mi vs Magu Magu no Mi were evenly matched(something Enel would fail to compete with)
I mean look at the map, its basically halved right down the middle.

What if Luffy used Rubber Balloon on his feet with Armament Reinforcement and walked on water instead of trying to swim??

Uchiha/Uchiwa man I just feel like Oda wanted to troll Kishi with this one.
I don't know but I read Naruto first and it was all about the Uchiha and then Oda pops this Uchiwa right next to a banana etc and you if know where I'm going with this... Awesome
Oda for the win
*I'm joking but you agree right?

Ram Horns or Sheep like Sanji states.
Satyrs as you know have Ram horns or as the fables tell us.
Anyone have any thoughts on this??
Smart of Oda to put Disco in the Mini Series.
There's more to this, I just can't figure it out though.

Awesome. Everyone knew it was Law(Shichibukai), but no one would expect Law would be this awesome this early.
So I have a things I wanted to chat about in this particular image.
Law's bounty before the TS was 200 Million, yet at the time of his Shichibukai intiation it was 440 Million.
2 Years is a very long time and he did a lot.
I'd like to know what his plan is, he's after One Piece but I guess he needs Shichibukai status for something.
Him choosing PH as his "Vacation Home" reminds me somewhat of Mihawk.
Before the TS, Luffy's was 400 Million or at least that's what it was when he got back to Sabaody.

I'm going to come out and say it.
Law is on PH because of Luffy as well as Smoker.

Law is just as eager to test Luffy's condition as Smoker is.
I used to think that Law was like the Shiki to Whitebeard(Kid) and Roger(Luffy) but he's obviously gotten stronger over the past 2 years as well as the other Supernovas
This makes me wonder about the SH's training.
To compare, SH are similar to Kids crew only because they have 2 Supernovas in each crew.
If Kid and Laws crews are able to hold their own in the NW, why couldn't the SH?
Or will there be a significant difference between the crews as the story goes?
I know it was Rayleighs Idea for them to train as well as Kuma, I'm sort of confused with what's turned out.
This is a bias thought, but hear me out.
Luffy was stronger than pre TS Law right?
Law is Shichibukai now and I think Luffy is still stronger than Law.
And counting Bounties, Law's bounty now surpasses Luffy's Pre TS Bounty, yet he's got 2 years on Luffy.
Time Skip is still fresh yet I'm getting more and more intrigued as the chapters come.
From this chapter alone, I have gotten more questions that have gotten me anxious

Sakazuki vs Kuzan
Law's Shichibukai status
SH Training
Smoker and the rest of the Marines
Centaurs, Dragon, Giants, & that Angel Dude/Dudette
PH previous to the Disaster both 2 years ago and 4 years ago
The children from Biscuits Room

Many things.

Gave it a go.
Would like some feedback.
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