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Re: 579 predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
Well, at least this shot down the theory of Itachi and Sasuke being at loggerheads over Kabuto. Wonder what else Kabuto has up his sleeve. Unless, his body really is immortal... a.k.a indestructible or something. Just like Orochimaru shedding his skin, only this time, Kabuto can do it as many times as he wants without weakening himself, thereby needing a new 'host'... like a true snake!

I am wondering the same thing..I would bet my bottom dollar Kabuto has at this point experimented even on his own body. He knows too much about Shodai's cells, Madara, SG-RG evolution and about the Sage himself....if Oro implanted SG's into Danzo to power him up I am curious as to what enhancements Kabuto has made. Upgrading Oro's technique to the max I would expect the body transfer to be not necessary. Oro had one of the slickest substitute jutsus out there. Now battling Susanoo would be a problem for Kabuto...I did find it odd that Kabuto seems to not be aware of Itachi's double agent role nor sealing Oro and Sasuke's curse mark. I thought Sasuke just stopped utilizing Oro's jutsus out of pride of his own ability. Anyhoo shit is about to hit the fan!
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