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Re: 579 predictions/spoilers

Brothers in Arms
*Scene shows Itachi glaring at Kabuto with his MS. The next panel shows Kabuto on the cross, with Itachi standing before him.*
Itachi: Why are you after Sasuke?
Kabuto hissing: No reason in particular…. kukukukuuu.
Itachi: You have no power here Kabuto. You would do well not to mock me.
Kabuto: Itachi… I told you, there is no weakness, nor risk to my jutsu. I have perfected what Orochimaru himself, one of the legendary sannin, could not. Even the creator of this jutsu didn’t achieve this level.
*Thousands of Itachis appear with their swords ready to be thrust into Kabuto. The next panel shows a body with several swords in his midsection. The next panel zooms out and shows Itachi on the cross*
Itachi grimacing: But how…..
Kabuto: Like I said, no weaknesses. I just wasn’t talking about my Edo Tensai. I was talking about me. As long as I have my queen…..
*Panel focuses on Anko’s body*
Kabuto: I am indestructible.
Itachi: Then humor me with one question.
Kabuto hisses: Hmmmm…. ok.
Itachi: What if a soul can’t be resurrected?
Kabuto: Kukukukuuu… ah yes. There is one hiccup…. for now. But once I have your brother, that will no longer be there.
Itachi: He is capable, you know.
Kabuto: Of what?
Itachi: Killing you.
Kabuto smirks: As I said…. I’m indestructible.
Itachi: You are indeed formidable.
*Itachi appears infront of Kabuto with a sword thrust into his body*
Itachi: As I said, this is my realm!!!
*Scene switches back to the cave showing Sasuke watching Itachi and Kabuto. Sasuke gets into a battle stance.*
Sasuke thinking: Such power. Who is this that I feel?
*Scene switches to Naruto and Tobi.*
Tobi thinking: Just what do you have up your sleeve you naïve embicile?
Naruto talking to Kurama: Kurama, what about Shukaku?
Kurama: What about him?
Naruto: I meant what I said about all of you, including him.
Kurama: Him….. hmmmf…. He’s in that statue Naruto. I can sense him.
*Scene shows a dark panel with the shadow of Shukaku roaring like crazy.*
Naruto: Think we can do it?
Kurama: That’s up to you Naruto.
*Panel focuses on the Hachibi in thought*
Gyuuki in thought: What is this feeling coming from Naruto? Could it be?
Gyuuki in conversation with Kurama: So Naruto it is?!
Kurama: Yeah, all of us believe so.
*Panel switches to KillerBee*
Bee: You think he can do dis, eighto?
Gyuuki: Bee, I think it is time.
Bee: Time for what?
Gyuuki: For you to know my name. We’ve been through a lot. I do think it’s time that you learned a few things.

Next time: Bee’s History Lesson
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