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Re: One Piece 660

Originally Posted by kluang View Post
there was 7 shicibukai

teach is gone so does crocordile and moriah.

means there are 4 left, boa, feather dude, kuma, sword dude

law joins.

now who can be the other two?

new char?, other supernovas? buggy?
No Crocodile position was filled in by Teach, and with Moria now gone that leaves two spots one filled by Law and I'm still going with Buggy as the other the scene at the end basically confirmed it unless Oda going to do a complete twist and show Buggy as a Marine Captain or something. I mean we have seen pirates join the marines and vice versa. Jango from pirate to marine and X Drake marine to pirate. But still sticking with Buggy for the other SB.
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