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Magi 83

Well was a good chapter but I do have one question dont know why seem to have a mental block

Whats the difference between Metal Vessels and Household Vessel again ? I know Metal Vessels are found in dungeons and have the Djinn in them but I cant remember what Household vessels are ? Im thinking that weapon Carim and the Phantom Troupe had ? Please some examples would be grateful.

As for Alibaba's training loving the concept of it, mainly the whole transfer of Amon is pretty cool, and for the other way of Djinn Equip im going to guess that Alibaba will be able to change the way Amon blade looks, instead of the big broadsword it is now now to a more thinner blade to fit more with the fighting style he learned.

Aladdin training going ok it seems can really think of anything else to say on his training yet, although im looking forward to the spar match.

The new prince reminds me of Ren from Shaman King for some reason no clue why.

The whole incident with the Kou Princess and Sinbad was hilarious ! Im willing to bet that its true but he was just sleep walking or something, and prefers to sleep in the nude and somehow got in her bed haha
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