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Re: One Piece 661

Was a good chapter in my opinion.

Well first off loved the front page ! Go on Hannibal ! Next position for you is the Head of the Goverment I believe in you !

I liked Brownbeard sudden appearance as it actually answered a question of mine, could anybody from the Military be in charge of going around and trying to take some of the land WB was protecting ? I mean maybe thats what M and Law are doing taking some of that territory for there cause ? Although the only problem I can see is it doesnt suit Law personality.

Some more demonstration on Law abilities and was very impressed, although is there an actually translation for his fruits name yet ? I get the powers he has sort of basically everything in his room he can manipulate and he has got certain code words for the different effects. If Law and Luffy are to square at the end of this chapter then it should be an awesome fight.

The panel with Zoro, Luffy, Robin and Ussop about 'Coats' was funny although was I the only one who read it as an evil badass moment ?

Body switch concept, Sanji is going to die next chapter, I liked Franky in Chopper body I mean imagine how hes going to react to that.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
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