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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by zer0systm View Post
Dunno what country you're in man or what you do for work, but when it comes to buying tools if you work on the tools in your job, keep your receipt and you can claim it on tax, atleast we can in Australia.

Oh I know about the band and the song. I was just expressing my dislike for the show. I won't get into it at the moment as I can't be bothered, but I know of a few guys on here to share my opinion on it. Not that you aren't entitled to yours of course.
True, I'm in the US. I don't know I went to Home Depot today, the same one I bought it from, but they told me they couldn't help me, or take it back because it was "used". I got really annoyed so I just left.

I don't know man, I'm a mechanic/chef. I think the IRS would probably realize something like that being taxed, being in the professions I am.

Feel free when you have a chance to share that opinion of yours. I really wouldn't want to get your opinion from somebody else. By the way, does that also mean you dislike the song and band?

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