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I was watching an old episode of One Piece the other day, the one were Shanks and Whitebeard have there meeting to discuss Blackbeard and Ace.

And something Shanks says got me thinking, weve all seen Blackbeard in action now, we know what powers he has well before the time skip anyway, and we saw some moves during his fight with Ace.

Now the thing I'm trying to bring up is, before he got his Devil Fruit, the Yami fruit here, what do you think he fought like ? I mean do you think he was just all strength ? A marksman ? that sort of stuff. But before you give an answer to into account these few points.

1. He was able to give Shanks his scar, a character who has been hinted at for being an expert with the sword having even fought Hawk Eyes to draws countless times. And Shanks admitted it was not due to a mistake on his part as to how he got his scar so obviously no sneak attack.

2. He has planned everything out so far, getting into Whitebeard's crew to obtain the DF, his ascension to becoming a SB, releasing Impel Down prisoners, getting Whitebeards DF. This obviously shows hes got a good skill in making strategies.

3. Has the famous D in his name, all characters of which who have this are monsters.

4. And lastly during the War Arc when he was taking Whitebeards DF it was said that know human could handle more than one DF, but Marco was the first to comment on how Blackbeard isnt like normal humans. Well body wise anyways.

The only thing I'm not sure of right now is when he obviously had his battle with Shanks in the past was Shanks a Yonkou at the time ? If anybody has any proof saying he was please leave a comment as I really cant remember.

But just a little brainstorm among the One Piece fans would be awesome.
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