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Re: One Piece 661

Originally Posted by uzumakinagato View Post
It's really hard to fill in the role of Shanks in part 2.

I still have a feeling that Shanks may be a villain, well not really a villain but like an obstacle for Luffy. It sounds kinda stupid I know, just call it a feeling orso. Maybe he knew who luffy exactly was when he met him and well like I said it's just a feeling, whatever lol
Shanks is to Luffy what Jiraiya was to Naruto, except way cooler. Shanks is both the measuring stick by which Luffy is to be compared to, and the catalyst whose death will propel him further.

Originally Posted by Spiegel View Post
Do you guys think we'll see any further developments for DF abilities? In Chopper's case, we can see that he's able to manipulate the essence of DF powers to overcome its natural limitations.

Using the Zoan type DF as an example, by the default, Zoan users have three transformational stages. Your Initial form, your hybrid, and full Zoan form of whatever that Zoan base may be. Chopper has been able to manipulate and expand on those forms into four other distinct, focusing on one facet while slightly reducing other features. For example; Kung-fu point. Increased muscle, stronger, more accurate attacks but in this form he isn't as agile since his legs are shorter which makes it harder to run. Though he can easily change to another form to cater that weak point but that's beside the point.

My main point is, following a similar route as to how Chopper has enhanced his natural DF abilities, do you think we'll see something similar for the other types as well? Do think think Luffy's gears and haki will be enough? How would you be able to further enhance Luffy's rubber paramecia abilities as an example (not that he may need it though)?
I don't think so. It took years for Chopper to research his various transformations. I just don't think he'll have the time to be tinkering with other peoples DF. I really don't want to see it go that route anyway. I'd rather Luffy overcome obstacles on his own instead of needing choppers Haxx powarz.

I think Luffy is already doing something similar to what your describing anyway by using haki. Just look at his Elephant Gun. Clearly his fist physically changed composition because of haki use. I wouldn't be surprised if other alterations where shown later.
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