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Re: One Piece 662

Well was quite a very interesting chapter indeed.

First off the part I want to look at, "What are you marines up to" When Law said this it opened many different possibilites, I mean Vegapunk the leading scientist of the Marines made a dragon on this island, so what the hell is it that Law found out about to make him want to side up with M ? But I do like the fact there is something more sinster around I mean this gives the chance that Law might be double crossed somehow and might even team up with Luffy to fight M or whatever.

The fight between Law and Smoker was pretty sweet, although I was a little upset at how quick it was (( I know Law could probably have ended it even faster due to his powers)), I really dont know what to imagine now I can see Luffy getting pissed off at seeing Law with Smokers heart and trying to get it back for him. But I definately wouldnt count Smoker out just yet, helll be back and we still have seen the extent of his strength since the time skip, he wouldnt be a vice admiral for nothing.

One thing that crossed my mind a long time ago when Law saved Luffy, do you think there is a chance he might have like done something to Luffy during the operation ? I dont know what to think with Oda if it is true, but I mean Law knew one day he was going to have to fight Luffy someday and I mean he had a perfect oppurtinutiy to do something while operating on him. Im talking like placed a bomb or something, I know the bomb is so unlikely but something along thoses lines, like the thing would only activate once inside Law's room ability or something. But what do you guys think ?
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