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Re: One Piece 662

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this, but look at the wanted posters.

They got Usopp's face now, no longer Sogeking, and Sanji.....oh poor Sanji. They have a picture of him this time, but only the back of his head lol. He never catches a break. Soul king brook, Zoro, Nami and Luffy have new pics too.
What about Dragon being below Luffy's pic? I don't recognize the other two.

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Heh - I enjoy the Sanji "who?" joke with the posters.

@ Shrike - no worries buddy, don't think I'm trying to convince you, just trying to explain my thoughts behind it. I agree that Martin has written an easier, appealing read with no reduction in utter quality of writing - it is a very good series (I also thought 4 was pretty well written, it just annoyed me that he split the story and then I had to wait for so long for 5 which didn't really live up to expectations). I greatly enjoyed all of Jordan's work, despite his meandering ways, and feel WoT is a great fantasy series closer to the roots resurrected by Tolkien than Martin's work. If only he had boiled together books 6 through 10 into perhaps 2 novels, it probably would have aged better... and maybe be done before his death.

Just tell me if I'm getting too long winded in PoF. I'm in chapters which need a lot of explanation and setting building which can be a difficult thing. I'm hoping to rely on "be patient and all will be revealed through plot" introductions rather than "here's EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW" boredoms.
Don't misunderstand, both Feast and Dance were very well written. The North chapters in the Dance were among the best he ever produced, and maybe it's just me but Theon is the best written POV to date. It's just that the core of the book held too many boring and uneventful content. And that is only because his own plot progressed faster before. Maybe I expected too much of the book, dunno.

I didn't read Jordan for a very long time so I cannot judge his work easily. But I judge it like this : when I was a kid I could watch Bleach and read all kids of crap and find it pretty cool. If Jordan had me bored back then, then I am thinking I wouldn't like him now either. But that's just tastes.

And lastly, PoF. I don't have a problem with it's pace at all. For example, this new thing that I am writing is a lot more detailed and much less in epic scale of the events then DoBaW. You may be surprised, but it has none of DoBaW's charging plot and development even where it made not much sense to do so. I guess it's still an epic fantasy, but only to a point. That being said, it's not like I like fast paced plot always. But when you build your plot and world like Martin did, then keep doing what you did before, not introduce 50 new character, new continent and 500 unnecessary pages. That is why I find the last two book having a lot of unnecessary things. Now, Jordan always had his own pace which was okay (kinda like yours). But he started lacking plot, if I remember correctly. I just know that you didn't need 13 or whatever books to tell that kind of tale. You take the style after Jordan, I guess, but your story never had problems with finding the driving force and its barely even started. So, no, there is absolutely nothing wrong with PoF. It takes its time on things to drive character development, and the plot is proceeding nicely. I am sure though that we barely scratched the surface, since we are about to be introduced to the big city and all the characters that come with it.
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