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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Oh, yeah - I have no problem at all reading women empowerment lit so long as the women are actually empowered and awesome. If it is the same old feminine character who obsesses about boys and looks but "i can do anything" theme slapped all over it, then I have problems. I hear the main in Hunger Games has the whole fall in love crap too, so we'll see what I think.

My wife isn't sure she wants to read them, not because of the story but because of the ending of the first one (I think?) she overheard from co-workers and students. Oh yeah, spoilers:

So, apparently, they have this big battle where they kill other kids for rights to be fed and what not, and it comes down to the girl and her boy love (I wonder if they have sex before this or it's a pure love that doesn't need diddling... because then the guy is TOTALLY unbelieveable. About to risk death and not want to get it on with the young virginal chick who might have to kill you? what a douche!) and the decide no, we love each other, we won't kill each other. And so, logically, the cruel powers that be that force kids to fight for food say "OK - you both can have food!"

I mean, uh, what? The world is running out of food and this is a way of appeasing and two brats defy you?! YOU KILL THEM BOTH AND SHAME THEIR PROVINCES FOR BRINGING UP WEAKLINGS!!! Fuck... I need to be in charge of things.

Disclaimer - I don't know how accurate any of this is.
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