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Re: 581 predictions/spoilers

Hello, it's me again, Enjoy!!

<>- thoughts
()- actions
Dragon form- is same as snake, but he is floating little above ground, thanks to he can go even faster, because ground dont inhibits his move, and his legs change in tail.

581 - Intensive battle
First page: kabuto is at deffence, Uchiha brother force Kabuto in corner!!
(we see Kabuto regenerate his horn, his snake stomach disappear in Kabuto stomach slowly)
Kabuto: So you had a little teamwork in past.
Itachi, Sasuke: Fire release: Gyoukakou no jutsu!
Kabuto(liquefy his body): this isn’t work on me in this form<They are trying to limit my senses>
Kabuto:?!, (he noticed Itachi kage bunshin attack him, in last minute, and then he explode)
Kabuto<defending with arms>: explosion clone?!
(kabuto see water dragon coming at him from Itachi, then kabuto avoid it jumping and hills, but then he noticed chidori blade in last second)
Kabuto(as landing): Impressive teamwork !
Itachi(behind Kabuto, as attacking him with many kunai): You are shocked , but you will see more
Sasuke(sending chidori senbon at Kabuto directon): You are dead
(Kabuto avoid again , and counter with stretching dragon arm, to attack Sasuke, but then he changes in many crows , who are flying in random direction)
Kabuto: So it was Itachi trick, you amuse me to no end<licking face with his tongue>
Itachi: Sasuke, we need to cooperate our attack
Sasuke: right
Itachi: Water release: great flood!(as Kabuto is covering by water, he is laughing)
Sasuke: laugh as much as you want, chidori!!(as touching ground electricity is going through by water, paralyzing Kabuto)
(Suddenly Itachi and Sasuke are throwing many wind shurikens at Kabuto, but Kabuto create medical scalps, and cut wind shurikens with his hands).
Kabuto: impressive, taijutsu, Ninjutsu, but you main advantage, what about genjutsu?
Sasuke: Enough , I am tired of him, lets use big guns, Kabuto don’t have so we win fast!
Itachi: No…
Kabuto: Sasuke you are not intelligent man, Itachi, I and Great fourth Hokage even are in our own leaguge of smartness<smirk>, Everyone of us smartass have big jutsu, I have, Itachi has, and Yondaime Hokage has it too. Everyone thinks that smart people so weak, but it is false, because , they don’t use big jutsu it doesn’t mean they can’t. Usually big jutsu requires great amount of chakra, preparing time, special condition or even side effects, so if you can , you will avoid use big jutsu. Youndaime was genius, because if you attack him with space time barrier he send your attack back at you, this is my style of fighting. Use opponent strength against him.
Sasuke: Too much talking
Itachi: What is your aim?
Kabuto: Yondaime has big jutsu, I know because of research, Then he can teleport everywhere in marked area by kunai(circle), but he need time, to make this area Space time jutsu area. Elemental attack of s rank of his too was devastating, and his sage mode, powerfull but He need much time to enter this, and he was imperfect sage, but I am perfect, I am smart, and I am powerfull, you will loose!(kabuto hit ground with his arm)
Itachi: We will see, You are in comparing to Yondaime Hokage is nothing, you steal power of others
Sasuke(as attacked by dragon arm coming from underground): chidori nagashi!!!
Kabuto(as escaping in dragon form with cut arm ): and you Itachi, Mangenkyou sharinagan, to have it you had to kill best friend .
Sasuke: Enough talk, Itachi did you remember this(Sasuke do some handseals)
Sasuke: Fire release: Dragon Fire!!(Sasuke is shooting three great Fire in shape of Dragon who are flying at sky, Kabuto is suprised )
Kabuto: ?!,< Are you trying to use that Jutsu,which Orochimaru you banned to use>
(it is raining)
Itachi(smilling): good this time is not against me, Sasuke but remember to not kill him
Sasuke: Yeah, he is in sage mode, so this jutsu shouldn’t kill him only make him weaker. Lets increase heat, Amatearsu!( Amaterasu appear everywhere)
Itachi: right, Amaterasu!!(Amaterasu appear everywhere)
(sky is getting dark, dark clouds, and we hear thunders)
Kabuto: <There in no mistake he is uing this jutsu>(little shocked but after moment he smiles again)
Sasuke: This is your end, disappear with roar of Thunder.
(we see huge and powerfull lightining hitting kabuto full force)
Itachi: <he should be badly injured, I only need to find him,and making release Edo Tensei>
Sasuke: <He should be done>
(Suddenly Kabuto is appearing from underground): My advantage in knowledge, your is power, knowledge is better than power, this is why you failed Sasuke<smirking>, I knew this jutsu, so I prepeared to c ounter it.
Sasuke: Shit, <I still can use this jutsu, but this doesn’t matter, he will go underground again>
Kabuto: You are always think you are superior thanks to your eyes, but this time I will show you how dangerous can be body alone !

Kabuto is going at offence!!

What do you think about my prediction, Leave comment please, and share your predciton with us
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