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Re: 581 predictions/spoilers

It was too long too post this together so I will post it now.

582 - Kabuto Sage mode limit
First page: Kabuto at offence, Uchiha brothers at defence!!!
Kabuto: You are really amazing when you are working together. I was really suprised that you could create many amazing combo.
Kabuto: Now it is my turn to attack!
Itachi, Sasuke:?!
(Kabuto is doing some handseals )
Kabuto: Sage art: Dragon skin!
(Kabuto skin changed, and Kabuto changed in dragon form)
(Kabuto is rushing at Uchiha really fast, and attack Sasuke, then Sasuke use sharingan to avoid Kabuto punch, Kabuto then turns around and attack Sasuke again)
Sasuke: shit!(as Sasuke is hitting , we see him flying and hitting rocks)
Itachi: Sasuke!(Itachi is running in direction of Sasuke, then Kabuto is rushing at Itachi, as Itachi seeing Kabuto, he is using water release and Kage bunshin explosion clone, but kabuto is avoiding thanks to his speed, and then charge at Itachi, Itachi activate Susanno, In same moment Itachi activated Susanno Kabuto wrap around Susanno, covering all Susanno, In Meanwhile Sasuke is standing up, he is injured)
Kabuto: Itachi, normal techinque as elemental is nothing for me, take me serious , if you want to win<smirking>
Itachi: you are ineffective Kabuto(smilling)
Itachi: ?!
Kabuto: you are wrong, dragon skin paralyze everything what is touched, and me covering Susanno is no accident, with this you have limited space to breath, so you...
Itachi: You forgot I am dead(smirking)<shit, I can't disactivate Sussano, and i can't descend Sussano to higher form..., so he planing to attack Sasuke in same way, but Sasuke is alive, so he have to breath?! >
Kabuto: true, but you still can't move , and you can't attack me, ?!(Kabuto sensing Sasuke using chidori blade to cut him, bu he retreat, splitting in many little dragons, and recreating himself from some distance )
Sasuke: Whatever you did, you are still vunerable to outside attack(smirking)
Kabuto: It is really troublesome to fight two Uchiha at the same time
Itachi(disactivate Sussano): Sasuke, are you alright?
Sasuke(stopping bleeding from chest): Yes, but was better in past
Itachi: great!
Kabuto: Sage art: Dr,?! (he is hitting by Amaterasu of two brother)
Itachi, Sasuke: You let your guard down<smirking>
Kabuto: oh NO!!, joke<smirking>, Amaterasu can't burning dragon skin at least in three days and I limit my feeling of pain, but do you know something?
Itachi, Sasuke(concentrating eyes on burning Kabuto): You are bluffing...<but we still have to holding back to not kill him>
Kabuto: When you can't attack your opponent, you can still send his attack back at him! Sage art: rain scales of dragons!(we see many scales flying from dragon skin at Uchiha brothers directon)
Itachi: Sasuke!
Sasuke: I know!(Both brothers stopping use Amatarasu and activate Susanno)
Itachi: Yatta Mirror!(Sussano Itachi repel every scales burning Amaterasu defending himself and Sasuke)
(Meanwhile Kabuto change to his dragon form, and chargeing at them)
Kabuto: Sage art: many dragon arms!
(Itachi is catching by many dragons , and then throwing by Kabuto in Sasuke directon)
Sasuke: shit!
Itachi: fuck!<i have to fast disactivate Sussano Yata mirror and Totsuka sword at all cost>
(We see as Itachi in last minute disactivate Totsuka sword and yata mirror before clashing with Sasuke, we see explosion, and cloud of dust)
Kabuto: haha!, it was really funny to see two sussano user panic, Sage art: mystical Dragon breath!
(as Itachi and Sasuke standing up, they are injured, but Itachi is regerating)
Kabuto: You should really thanks me Itachi, thanks to Edo Tensei you are immortal
Itachi, Ssuke: ?!(sensing huge air pressure coming at him and Sasuke)
Itachi, Sasuke: Sussano!!(activate 1 full ribcage form sussano)
(we see as Itachi and Sasuke Sussano clashing with air pressure, but after moment, Sussano is cracking and cracked, and Sasuke and Itachi is flying at rock)
Kabuto: wish you safe landing, rocks can hurt you, mwahahahaha
(after moment Kabuto sensing arrow flying at him, but he avoid it at last second)
Sasuke: so close...
Itachi: Yeah
(Itachi and Sasuke are in armored Sussano form, and they notice air pressure again coming at them, they are defending against air pressure, and Sussano isn;t cracking at all)
Kabuto: I am at disadventage, I need my eyes(Kabuto is taking his glass off)
Itachi, Sasuke: this is our chance, Tsyuko..
Kabuto: Sage art: Dragon mistic eyes
Sasuke and Itachi: mii!
(As Kabuto open his eyes, they are dragon eyes, and Itachi and Sasuke noticed they are in own genjutsu, so they disactivate it)
Itachi, Sasuke: Impossible, but how?!
Kabuto: Sharingan are really annoying eyes, but with dragon eyes, I can see more, faster, and ther had mistic protection in shape of invisible mirror, so everytime you use your any genjutsu, it will be repeld and send at you<smirking>
Itachi, Sasuke: this is getting more difficult
Kabuto: You are really confident with your Susanno form, right?
Itachi, Sasuke: ?!
Kabuto: I will show you Sussano weakness, Sage art: Dragon blaze golden fire!
(We see as Kabuto is breathing powerfull golden fire in direction Itachi and Sasuke)
Itachi, Sasuke: you are not going pass by Sussano this time!
(we see golden fire burnning Susanno, and Sussano begin to melting, but Itachi and Sasuke increase concetration to maintain Susanno, then, we see golden fire on Sussano)
Itachi, Sasuke: this is not working, you fail
Kabuto: You are really annoying duo, but in your place I wouldn't be to confident.
(Itachi Sussano and Saasuke Susanno begin covering by gold material)
Kabuto: kuku..., see this golden fire is no normal fire, it change eveything in gold material what it touch, and moreover
(we see Sasuke and Itachi are sweating from heat coming from golden fire)
Kabuto: It emit amazing heat which you can't withstand to long, in other words I win.
Itachi: even in my worst dream i cant imagine you that powerfull, sage mode is really something
Sasuke: He is very powerfull, we have not other choice, as
Kabuto(going at directon to them): I can incorporate myself in golden material, this is most resistant internal shield of dragon. After i wil become gold material itself, I can absorb your chakra. First I will rewrite Fuda talisman in your head, Itachi, then, i will go to Sasuke and absorb his body, making it myself, hahaa!, Tobi you will be next!
(As Kabuto is almost touching them)
Itachi, Sasuke: Susanoo!!
(Itachi and Sasuke are in their cloaked Sussano full form smilling, as Kabuto is landing on his ass suprised)
Itachi, Sasuke: Kabuto, Your techinques are nothing against these eyes.

583- Kages last stand
coming soon...
584 Power of geniuses from Uchiha clan
coming soon...
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