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Re: 581 predictions/spoilers



Chapter starts with Sasuke and Itachi staring at Kabuto.

Itachi: Sasuke, do you remember that time we were playing at the Nakano river?


Itachi: Sasuke, i need you to scare those fishs to the margin, so i can trap them here.

Sasuke: Ok, niisan!

Sasuke proceeds to scare the fishs like a retarded child into Itachi's direction. Itachi looks at him smiling.

end of flashback*

Sasuke: hm. Ok I get it.

Itachi: Ok, lets go.

Each one run to the opposite side of the cave, Sasuke turns and blocks the entrance with Amaterasu, then proceeds to control it to spread a line, limiting the space for Kabuto's mobility.

Kabuto: *!! are they trying to...* This kind of trick wont work on me. If i get caught in amaterasu i can simply get rid of my skin...

Sasuke: Heh, I would worry with another thing if i were you...

Kabuto looks around and cant find Itachi.

Kabuto: ... *wait, wasnt he...? oh.*

Kabuto looks behind him and sees a bunch of crows flying to his direction. Then he turns his face and at the same time Itachi "jumps" eye staring him with a bunch of crows *similar to what he did during his fight with Sasuke*, while in the background we see also crows coming out of Sasuke's body, similar to what he did against danzou.

Kabuto is inside of tsukuyomi. *Huh, Itachi really thinks that he can keep me here, no? I guess he will have a surprise.

Kabuto makes a hand sign.

Kabuto turns smirking: Tsukuyomi wont work on me, Itachi. Did you really think that I would not be prepared for this?

Kabuto gets no response.

Kabuto: ......!!? What is this!!?

Itachi: Looks like my Tsukuyomi wont work on him...

Kabuto falls on his knees.

Itachi: !!?

Sasuke walks to Itachi's side smirking.

Itachi: ?

Sasuke: you remember what happened that same day that we were fishing at the nakano river?

Itachi looks at Sasuke.


Itachi is picking up the fishs.

Itachi: Now we will have many-

Sasuke: NIISAN! NIISAN! Look!

Sasuke is standing grabbing a big fish between his hands and smirking.

Itachi: !! Good job Sasuke!

*end of flashback*

Itachi: heh...I should have expected this.

Sasuke: My tsukuyomi is different from yours...I cant control time-space inside it, but i can still knock him down.

Itachi: With my eyes, you might be able to use it the same way I did.

Sasuke looks at Itachi surprised.

Sasuke: Well, what should we do with him so?

Itachi grabs Kabuto and makes him stare at him.

Itachi: Im going to discover how to deactivate the Edo tensei, and then control him to finish it. Tsukuyomi!

Side Note: Edo tensei gets deactivated! What will be Kabuto's response!? Next Chapter, Kabuto's Ultimate Form!
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